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Admitted Transfer Student

Soar at UHCL

We are really glad that you decided to transfer to University of Houston-Clear Lake!  
To start your UHCL experience off on the right foot, we have established the Transfer Advising Program (TAP) which requires students to connect with an advisor in the Transfer Advising Office prior to enrolling in their first semester of classes at UHCL. 

  • All new transfer students with 12 or more credit hours after high school graduation will receive an advising hold after securing admission to UHCL for the upcoming semester. 
  • Upon completion of the Step 1 transfer advising requirement, the advising hold is removed and students are able to register for classes. 

New Student Advising follows the release of the class schedule: 

  • For summer and fall admits, advising begins in March.
  • For spring admits, advising begins in October.


Now that you have been admitted to UHCL for the upcoming semester, here are your next steps to follow (starting on March 8, 2021) if admitted for Summer or Fall: 

STEP 1: Watch our Transfer Advising instructional video for new transfers.  In the instructional video, we will teach you how to navigate important student resources.  Topics covered include:

  • How to access your online degree audit, called the “Advisement Report,” and how to use this tool to understand your degree requirements, keep track of your degree progress, and plan your class schedule. 
  • How to read and understand the unofficial degree plan for your major, called a Candidate Plan of Study, or CPS. 
  • How to enroll in classes. 
  • The structure of advising at UHCL.
  • Information about tuition costs and payment.

Please call or email Transfer Advising at 281-283-3068 or if you require any assistance accessing the instructional video.

Access to the video will be available on March 8th for Summer and Fall admits. Please check back if you are attempting to access it early.

STEP 2: Complete a brief survey and select one of three Transfer Advising Options: 

  • On the last slide of the instructional video, you will be presented with a QR code or link to complete a brief survey which will gather key information we need to best guide on your next step of the advising and registration process.  
  • Some of the questions are designed to make sure you understood key information that was presented. 
  • You will choose one of three advising formats to ensure we provide you with the most relevant and efficient advising experience possible! 

Transfer Advising Options 

After you have watched the Transfer Advising instructional video above, you will complete a brief survey where you will select one of the following advising options. Note: Please allow 3 business days after you are admitted to receive your advising documents and/or set up your advising.

Option 1: Email Advising

We will email you your individualized advising documents, remove the Transfer Advising hold from your account, and you will enroll in classes on your own. In the advising email, we will include:

  • A draft degree plan called a Candidate Plan of Study (CPS), showing the degree requirements for your chosen major and how your transfer credits apply toward those requirements.
  • A Transfer Advising Worksheet, listing our course recommendations for your first semester and helpful information and resources for new students.
  • Information about other new student requirements and general guidance to help smooth your transition to UHCL.
  • Choose this option if you feel confident navigating the registration process on your own.

Option 2: Group Registration via Zoom

Sign up for a group session using the link below.  Prior to the group session, we will email you your individualized advising documents, remove the Transfer Advising hold from your account, and may attempt to enroll in classes on your own.  During the small group advising session an advisor will provide general guidance. Then you will separate into a smaller break-out room (no more than 5 students per room), where you will log into your UHCL E-Services account, pull up the advising documents we sent you, and register for your classes using your My Advisement Report.  A Transfer Advisor will be available to facilitate and help you troubleshoot any challenges that may arise.

Choose this option if you feel you will need assistance navigating the registration process.

The sign up for Group Advising will be available on March 8th for Summer and Fall admits. Please check back if you are attempting to access it early.

Option 3: Individual Advising

Schedule your Advising and Registration Appointment through the Navigate app. Prior to your appointment date, the advisor will email your individualized advising documents, and remove the Transfer Advising hold so that they can assist you with enrolling in classes during the appointment.  

  • Log into the Navigate student app with your UHCL Username and the default password.
  • After you are logged into the app, choose the “Appointments” icon, select “Advising” as the type of appointment, and complete the steps to schedule your Transfer Advising appointment.
  • Before your appointment:

We look forward to assisting you with your transition to UHCL, and advocating for your transfer credits!

Frequently Asked Questions

  I don't know my UHCL email address, what do I do?

Visit the UCT Support Center Student Accounts page, and under E-mail Account it outlines how to access your UHCL email address. (Note: Within five days after admittance to UHCL, you should have received an email to your personal email address which informed about your UHCL e-mail address and provided password instructions.) 

  I don't know my User ID and/or password for E-Services, what do I do?

You can use the ‘Lookup UHCL Username Tool’ to locate your username. Note: to utilize this you must also know your 7 digit UHCL ID number which was likely emailed to you by Admissions about 5-10 business days after you initially submitted your application through

If you don’t know your UHCL ID number then you can look that up too. 

  Can I meet with an adviser and register before attending Transfer Student Orientation (TSO)?

Yes! You cannot register for the courses you need without first meeting with an adviser.  We highly recommend you set up a time to meet with us as soon as possible, as our courses fill up fast and may not be available to you if you wait.

  What if I am in a major at an off-campus location (Pearland or Texas Medical Center)?
  Newly admitted students who have been admitted into a program at the Pearland Campus, or majoring in Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Services will follow the same standards noted above for the transfer advising program.
  When does registration for new students start?

Students should receive an e-mail from the Office of the Registrar indicating when the schedule is open, and the registration dates for upcoming semesters. For the spring semester, registration typically begins in mid-November; and, summer and fall semester registration typically begins in mid-April. The Academic Calendar can help you with important dates.

  Why am I required to participate in mandatory advising?

During the advising session we will provide you with important information to help with your transition to UHCL. We will review your transfer courses, demonstrate how your courses apply toward your major and other degree requirements, and then recommend classes for the upcoming semester to ensure you are enrolling in the most appropriate for your major here at UHCL.

  What if I need an accommodation to fulfill my advising requirement?

Please contact us at or call the Transfer Advising Office at 281-283-3068. Our staff will help you explore alternative options that would work best for you to complete your advising session.

  If I met with an adviser on a previous occasion, do I still need to be advised again?

Yes! Now that you have been admitted to UHCL, your adviser will need to connect with you to discuss your degree plan and all your transfer credits.

  I have a hold on my E-Services account. What do I do?

Click on the hold title to see a description of the hold. Here students can determine the cause of the hold and which office to contact to have it removed.

  • Transfer Advising

    Phone: 281-283-3068

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    Office Hours

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