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Healthcare Administration B.S.

Excel in All Facets of Healthcare Administration

Obtain a career in a multi-disciplinary field that's packed with potential. With a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from University of Houston-Clear Lake, you will receive a broad-based education that prepares you for a management role in a hospital, insurance provider, pharmaceutical company, physician practice or public health advocacy group. You will study under the tutelage of professors who are experts at applying theory to real-world experiences in accounting, management, business finance, information systems, healthcare planning and medical reimbursement.

If you’re a first-year student, you'll begin your degree on the Clear Lake campus to ensure you lock down all your core classes and enjoy a more traditional college experience. And if you're a transfer student, you will complete all your remaining classes for this degree at the UHCL classrooms located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.

A Pathway to Success

UHCL's close proximity to the Texas Medical Center means you'll have access to internships, co-ops and employment in the finest medical facilities managed by the best healthcare administrators in the world. Many of UHCL's alumni serve in prestigious institutions such as Memorial-Hermann Healthcare System, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital of Houston, Texas Children's Hospital and many other outstanding medical institutions across the United States.

You can also pursue also leadership opportunities through the Medical Group Management Association, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Upsilon Phi Delta or UHCL's Healthcare Student Association, many of which are student-run faculty-advised organizations on campus that can help you increase your professional, technical and social skills.

Award-Winning Program

Students in the Healthcare Administration Program have been awarded several noteworthy honors, including receiving:

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Admission Requirements

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Degree Requirements

Each course of study in the College of Business here at University of Houston-Clear Lake has specific degree requirements you must fulfill to graduate. Find out more today.

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Cost Information

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Deadlines for Applying

  • Freshman Deadlines
  • Fall

    Priority - July 15 
    Final - August 1 

  • Spring

    Priority - November 1
    Final - December 1 

  • Summer

    Priority - March 1
    Final (Summer Session I & II) - May 1 

  • Transfer Deadlines
  • Spring 2022
    Priority - January 4
    Final - January 14
  • Summer 2022
    Priority - May 1
    Final (Summer Session I) - May 25
    Final (Summer Session II) - July 1
  • Fall 2022
    Priority - August 12
    Final - August 17

  • International Deadlines
  • Fall

    Priority – March 1
    Final  – June 1

  • Spring

    Priority – August 1
    Final – November 1

  • Summer*

    Priority – February 1
    Final – April 20

Students interested in qualifying for scholarships &/or applying for visas outside the U.S. should apply and submit the application documents/test scores by the priority deadline

*International freshmen applicants will not be accepted for Summer semester.


UH-Clear Lake Texas Medical Center

UH-Clear Lake Texas Medical Center

2151 West Holcombe
Houston, TX 77030
Phone: 281-283-7600

One of the leading centers of healthcare research and delivery around the globe, the Texas Medical Center gives UHCL the opportunity to offer four different healthcare-related degrees to working professionals.

About UHCL Texas Medical Center



Hybrid programs combine the flexibility and convenience of online learning with the benefits of in-person instruction.

Accreditations and Distinctions

AACSB Accredited University of Houston-Clear Lake is an accredited member of AACSB International—The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

Healthcare Administration B.S. Faculty

Femi Ayadi

Femi Ayadi

Professor of Healthcare Administration,

Contact number: 281-212-1712
Office: 2151 W. Holcombe, Houston, TX, 77030, Suite 120, Room 125

Femi Ayadi Faculty Bio

Ashish Chandra
Ashish Chandra

Ashish Chandra

Professor of Healthcare Administration,

Contact number: 281-212-1717
Office: 2125 W. Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030, Suite 120, Room 127-A

Ashish Chandra Faculty Bio

Phillip Decker
Phillip Decker

Phillip Decker

Professor of Healthcare Administration,

Contact number: 281-212-1715
Office: Suite 120, Room 130, 2151 W. Holcombe Houston, TX 77030

Phillip Decker Faculty Bio

Raymond Khoury

Raymond J. Khoury

Executive in Residence, Faculty and Department Chair in Healthcare Administration,

Contact number: 281-212-1711
Office: Suite 120, Room 135, 2151 W. Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030

Raymond J. Khoury Faculty Bio

Jordan Mitchell
Jordan Mitchell

Jordan P. Mitchell

Associate Professor of Healthcare Administration,

Contact number: 281-212-1714
Office: 2151 W. Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030

Jordan P. Mitchell Faculty Bio