COVID-19 Updates: Safety Protocols Remain in Effect for UHCL. Message from the President.


ID Access

To access the Recreation and Wellness Center, a valid UHCL student ID or Membership ID  must be presented. We do allow members to provide their ID number as long as they have a valid photo in our Fusion software system to verify their identity.

Policies and Guidelines 

COVID-19 policies have been developed to ensure the RWC is as safe and clean as possible for all of our patrons.

Phased Reopening Plan Guidelines

Campus Recreation and Wellness Master Policies

To view current Campus Recreation and Wellness master policies about access, usage, space policies, lost and found, media policies, guest passes and individual area (e.g., indoor track, group fitness, personal training).

Facility Hours
  Outdoor Recreational Space

Regular Hours
Daily: 7 a.m. - 12 a.m.

Field Closure for Maintenance
Fields can be closed at the discretion of the department as needed.

Field Closure due to Weather
When a field is closed, all lights are turned off and no one is allowed on the field.

Fields are closed due to inclement weather at the discretion of Campus Recreation and Wellness administration. 

If there is thunder or lightning in the area, the fields are closed  until an “All Clear” decision is made by the Campus Recreation and Wellness staff.

If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the fields are closed for 30 minutes and all participants must clear the field . The 30 minute closure period restarts after each thunder/lightning strike.

Equipment Checkout

Use your UHCL/member ID to check out equipment:

  • Workout towel (free for all members) - Not Currently Available
  • Shower towels (service must be purchased, $20/semester) - Not Currently Available
  • Basketballs
  • Volleyballs
  • Indoor Soccer balls
  • Outdoor Soccer balls
  • Footballs
  • Badminton equipment
  • Table Tennis equipment
  • Pickleball equipment
  • Jump rope
  • Weight belt
  • Weighted belt (for adding plates for dips or pull-ups)
  • Squat neck pads
  • Skillrun and Skillmill belt attachments
Facility Tours

Facility tours can arranged by request. A reservation of at least 72 hours in advance is required for a guided tour.

  • Individuals or groups less than 25 can do a self-guided tours by signing in at the Welcome Center. 
  • Group tour size is 20-25 maximum, so larger groups will be divided.

Tour arrangements are finalized in a confirmation email sent from Campus Recreation and Wellness.

Contact's Info
Visitor Info
Facility Reservations

Due to COVID-19, the RWC is limited in its ability to host in-person functions until further notice. Groups may still submit facility requests and our reservation team will follow-up within 48-72 hours.

Currently, we are not allowed to host any of the following events or allow specific aspects of events:

  • Any indoor or outdoor team sports practices or competitions.
  • Any indoor event of 70 or more individuals.
  • Any events involving buffet style or self-serve food options.
  • Any event where social distancing cannot be consistently maintained.
  • Any events where the majority of participants would be minors unless it is a UHCL sponsored event.

For any events that we are able to accommodate, there are limitations and health and safety protocols that must be strictly followed. Some of those include:

  • All events must be approved by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety. The reservation team will assist in completing the documentation needed for approval from this office.
  • Masks required in all UHCL facilities and masks must cover both nose and mouth.
  • Social distancing must be consistently maintained.
  • Established space capacities or limits must be followed.
  • RSVP and/or check-in process must be in place.
  • Adequate signage for health and safety measures must be provided.
  • Any food/snacks must be pre-packaged and individually wrapped (no homemade food/snacks may be provided or given away).
  • Drinks must be individually packaged.
  • All events can be altered or cancelled doe any reason with little to no notice based on UHCL administration, Risk Management, and/or Environmental Health and Safety decisions.

Additional protocols and guidelines will be provided and discussed for any requests.

  General Facility Request Information

Campus Recreation and Wellness facilities are primarily for the use of University of Houston-Clear Lake students and non-student members. The guidelines below describe how to submit a reservation request and provide other important information regarding event services, reservations and facility rentals.

We support the mission of UHCL regarding space usage for Campus Recreation and Wellness programming as well as renting our facilities to UHCL and the outside community. We are committed to building meaningful relationships with the UHCL community through respectful, cooperative and courteous delivery of services. With a welcoming environment, excellent and inclusive customer service and an efficient reservation process, we create a simplified method for planning and executing events within CRW facilities.

The following information outlines the basic steps for requesting facility space managed by Campus Recreation and Wellness, both indoors and outdoors.

Submitting a facility or resource request

  1. Complete the online Facility Reservation Request Form using the link below.
  2. The requesting group will be contacted within three (3) business days with a confirmation email outlining the details of the reservation and an initial quote of any fees or charges associated with your request. If applicable, submit all supplemental documents to Requesting groups that are unaffiliated with UHCL must submit a Certificate of Insurance.
  3. A meeting (phone call, virtual call, in-person meeting) will be scheduled to discuss the event, initial invoice, and allow for any questions to be asked about the event needs.
  4. A finalized Memorandum of Understanding (any UHCL entity) or Service Contract (any non-UHCL entity) will be completed outlining all responsibilities and financial obligations must be completed and signed by all parties.
  Organizational Categories for Reservations and Rentals

Fees charged for the use of CRW facilities and services are determined in part by the type of group or organization requesting space and the type of event being held.  Please read the following definitions carefully to determine the appropriate category for your group.  Note that examples given are not all inclusive. The final determination of group and event type will be made by the CRW staff.  

Registered Student Organization (RSO)

  • Any meeting or event sponsored by a student organization that is registered with the Student Involvement and Leadership Office.
  • RSO events that impact the normal usage of facility space, require comprehensive set-up or take-down, or involve multiple staffers for event coverage will revert to the University fee schedule for charges.
  • Events that take place outside of the normal operating hours of Campus Recreation and Wellness facilities will revert to the University fee schedule for charges.
  • Examples: Student organization weekly meetings; student conferences; student performances; guest speakers; banquets

UHCL Department of Affiliated Program

  • Any meeting or event coordinated by a UHCL department where no funds are collected in the form of admissions, registration, or donations.
  • Examples: Departmental meetings, awards ceremonies, training sessions, and guest lecturers

Non-UHCL Entity

  • Any meeting or event coordinated by a for-profit or non-profit group that is not associated with UHCL, or an individual requesting space for private use.
  • Examples: High school events; corporate dinners or receptions; fundraisers; etc.
  Prioritization of Space Usage

The purpose of the Recreation and Wellness Center is provide space and programming for UHCL students and non-student members. Our top priority is ensuring that students and non-student members have access to the spaces and programming needed to pursue their health and wellness goals.

Due to the need for space within the Recreation and Wellness Center, the following priorities and reservation time frames have been implemented for accepting and confirming reservation and rental requests.

A reservation request may be submitted at any time, but review of requests will be based on the priorities of the department and current availability. Our reservation team will contact the requesting party to discuss the request and provide information related to availability, conflicts, alternative options, and other needs.

The Recreation and Wellness Center reserves the right to alter, cancel, or deny any reservations or rentals that conflict with the purpose of our facility or spaces or put an undue burden on our students and non-student members for participation in health and wellness programming.


  Facility Rental Rates

Campus Recreation and Wellness sets the fee structure and has the authority to change fees for reservation needs. Fees are based on the type of space being requested, duration of use, and operational overhead (personnel, services, etc.). Staffing needs are determined by Campus Recreation and Wellness in conjunction with the requesting group.

Student Organization Fees: For basic requests from Student Organizations, no charges will be applied unless the request involved extended use of specific spaces, impacts the normal usage of facilities, or involves comprehensive set-up and take-down.

Rec Center Facility Space Registered Student Organization UHCL Department or Affiliated Program Non-UHCL Entity
Basketball Court (2) No charge

Hourly: $40/court

Daily: $240/court

Hourly: $60/court

Daily: $360/court

MAC Court (1) No charge

Hourly: $40/court

Daily: $240/court

Hourly: $60/court

Daily: $360/court

Multi-Purpose Room (2) No charge

Hourly: $30/room

Daily: $180/room

Hourly: $50/room

Daily: $300/room

Conference Room (1) No charge

Hourly: $15

Daily: $90

Hourly: $25

Daily: $150

Lobby, East or West Plaza No charge

Hourly: $20/space

Daily: $120/space

Hourly: $25/space

Daily: $150/space

The Backyard or The Frontyard No charge

Hourly: $20/space

Daily: $120/space

Hourly: $25/space

Daily: $150/space

Outdoor Movie Theater System


Four hour maximum


Four hour maximum


Four hour maximum

Rec Center Event Staff (set-up, take-down) Depends on size, scope, and time of event $12/hour/staff member $12/hour/staff member
Outdoor Space and Services Registered Student Organization UHCL Department or Affiliated Program Non-UHCL Entity
Delta Field (1) No charge

Hourly: $40

Daily: $240

Hourly: $60

Daily: $360

Delta Tennis Courts (4) No charge

Hourly: $10/court

Daily: $60/court

Hourly: $20/court

Daily: $120/court

Delta Outdoor Basketball Courts (2) No charge

Hourly: $10/court

Daily: $60/court

Hourly: $20/court

Daily: $120/court

Delta Complex (field, tennis, and BB courts) No charge

Hourly: $40

Daily: $240

Hourly: $80

Daily: $480

Rec Field (possibility of two fields, offline till Fall 2021) No charge

Hourly: $40/field

Daily: $240/field

Hourly: $60/field

Daily: $360/field

Light charge No charge $20/hour $40/hour
Field Lining (includes staff cost, equipment and supplies cost)


(Two hour minimum)


(Two hour minimum)


(Two hour minimum)

Additional UHCL Staffing Costs

UHCL Staff 4-hour Minimum Rate Hourly Rate after 4 Hours
Custodial Staff $130/staff $31.50/hour/staff
UHCL police Officers $150/officer $37/hour/staff

Rec Center and Delta Descriptions

  Recreation and Wellness Center (Rec Center): Interior
Rec Center Interior Room/Area Description

  • Lounge and recreational space
  • Multiple four-person tables and a large 10-person table for eating, studying, or games
  • Lounge furniture and flat screen TVs
Food Service
  • Chartwells: Grab-and-go snacks, smoothies and coffee
  • Vending machines
Administration Suite

  • 7 professional staff offices
  • Member Services Desk
  • Student work area
  • Conference room
Conference Room

  • Up to 16 attendees
  • Flat screen for displays
  • Glass board
Multi-purpose Rooms

  • 2 rooms
  • Maximum capacity of 49 participants in a room
  • Built-in audio and visual capabilities
  • For group fitness classes, meetings or trainings
  • Equipment shareable between both rooms:
    • 10 Technogym Group Cycle bikes
    • 10 Technogym Skill Rows
    • Bosu balls
    • Body weight bars
    • Group Fitness dumbbells
    • Group Fitness barbells
    • Steps
    • Stability balls
Study Rooms
(not reservable)

  • Available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Up to 8 attendees
  • 1st floor Study Room - adjacent to EHS Physiology Lab
  • 2nd floor Study Room - between classrooms and academic office suite
Fitness Zone

  • Fitness Zone Desk
    Staffed by our Fitness Assistant(s) who are happy to help you, answer questions about using our equipment or provide assistance for lifts or spotting.

  • Cardio Equipment
    * indicates with touchscreens, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible
    • 6 Technogym Excite Treadmill 1000*
    • 3 Technogym Skillmills
    • 2 Technogym Skillruns*
    • 2 Technogym Excite Recline 1000 Bikes*
    • 2 Technogym Excite Bike 1000*
    • 4 Technogym Excite Climbs*
    • 3 Technogym Skills Rows
    • 2 AMT Open Strides*
    • 2 Precor Assault Air Bikes
    • 5 Precor ellipticals*
    • 1 SciFit ergometer
    • 1 Vibration Plate Machine
  • Pin Select Equipment
    • Technogym leg press
    • Precor converging chest press
    • Precor converging shoulder press
    • Precor diverging lat pulldown
    • Precor seated row
    • Precor rear delt/pec fly
    • Precor lateral raise
    • Precor biceps curl
    • Precor triceps extension
    • Precor seated dip
    • Precor back extension
    • Precor abdominal
    • Precor leg extension
    • Precor prone leg curl
    • Precor glute extension
    • Precor inner thigh
    • Precor outer thigh
    • Precor assisted chin/dip, pulldown, longpull, cable crossover
  • Plate Loaded
    • Precor smith machine
    • Precor hack squat
    • Precor squat machine
    • Precor loaded leg curl
    • Precor loaded pulldown
    • Precor lever row
    • Precor loaded shoulder press
  • Free Weights
    • 3 Precor bench press
    • Precor incline bench
    • Precor decline bench
    • Precor should press bench
    • 3 Precor half rack
    • Precor adjustable benches
    • UMAX dumbbells:  5-50 lbs x 2 sets each, 55-125 lbs x 1 set each
    • UMAX straight bars: 20-110 lbs
    • UMAX EZ curl bars: 20-110 lbs
    • UMAX urethane Olympic plates
    • UMAX bumper plates with steel cores
    • UMAX kettlebells
Cardio/Strength Satellite Zone

* indicates with touchscreens, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible

  • Technogym Skillmill*
  • 2 Technogym Treadmills 1000*
  • 2 Technogym Excite Climb*
  • 2 Technogym Excite Bike*
  • 2 Precor elliptical
  • Precor chest press
  • Precor lat pulldown
  • Precor seated row
  • Precor leg press
  • Precor leg extension
  • Precor seated leg curl
Stretching Zone

  • Technogym FLEXability posterior
  • Technogym FLEXability anterior
  • Vertical crunch
  • Ab Coaster
  • Target abs
  • Vertical knee-up
  • Back extension
  • Stretch trainer
  • Foam rollers
  • Yoga and core mats
Functional Training Spaces

  • 2 Escape 90 Plus Functional Units
    • Punching bag
    • Endless rope
    • Pullup attachments
    • Battle rope attachment
    • Landmind attachment
    • Weight racks
    • TRX straps
    • Core bags
    • Sand bags
    • Slam Balls
    • Total Grip medicine balls
    • Gripper weights
    • Vertballs
    • Resistance bands
    • Kettlebells
  • 2 Escape Quad Sled
  • Tire Flip 180
  • Tire Flip 180 XL
  • Plyo Box Set
  Recreation and Wellness Center (Rec Center): Exterior
Rec Center Exterior Area Description
Outdoor Fitness Space

  • Rogue I-10 rack
  • Olympic platforms
  • Tires
  • Sled
  • Battle ropes
  • Plyo boxes
The Backyard A large, flat, grass programmable space for large events or just hanging out (weather permitting)
East Plaza

  • Faces student parking Lot D
  • Available for rent, tabling, and programming
North Plaza

  • Faces the STEM Building
  • Available for rent, tabling, and programming
Rec Field
  • Not currently available and availability date TBD
  • Expected usage: Flag Football, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, wiffle ball, kickball, sand volleyball


  Delta Fields and Courts
Delta Area Description
Delta Field

1 field space with lights and
large enough for most sports
Delta Tennis Courts 4 regulation tennis courts with lights
Delta Basketball Courts 2 outdoor basketball courts with lights
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