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Academic Council


Academic Council (AC) shall be the Shared Governance System (SGS) committee that will receive recommendations on academic matters from the Faculty Senate and other academics as appropriate. The AC will make final recommendations to the Provost on all academic matters including but not limited to policies on:

  •  Enrollment and admission
  •  Scholarships
  •  Catalog revisions
  •  Curriculum issues
  •  Degree requirements
  •  SACS accreditation

The responsibilities of the SGS also include monitoring and overseeing the implementation of policies and procedures.

Committee Structure

The Academic Council (AC) shall have representatives from the academic administration, the Council of Professors and Faculty Senate, and be chaired by the Provost.  The AC voting membership is as follows:

  • Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
  • Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Associate Vice President for Student Services
  • Associate Vice President for Information Resources
  • Academic Deans (4)
  • Faculty Senate (8)
  • Executive Director of the Library
  • Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Representative from the Council of Professors excluding Members on Leave (1)

The Provost is the only officer and chair of Academic Council.

Regular meetings normally are called once a month, on the third Thursday during the nine-month academic year by the Provost. The Chair may cancel a regularly scheduled meeting if no action or discussion items are pending or for other good reasons. Special meetings may be called by the chair or when requested by 25 percent of the membership. Quorum: 60 percent of the membership constitutes a quorum (11 members).

Amendments to the Constitution require two-thirds of membership approval.

Committee Bylaws

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held once a month on the third Thursday from 2-3:30 p.m. via Teams/Zoom.

Meeting Minutes

Academic Council




Meetings occur September through May; unless Special Called.

* = no meeting held