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Planning Events at UHCL

Interested in planning a large-scale event, a fundraiser, a private org event, just a general RSO recurring meeting? Learn all of the ins-and-outs to planning amazing events at UHCL below.

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership recommends utilizing this Program Planner worksheet (Docx) to help your team plan events. Fill this out alone or with your RSO team members, and then create a plan to complete all tasks!

Reserving Space and Equipment

There are a variety of spaces available to you for hosting events or meetings for free as a registered student organization! All requests are expected to be submitted at least 2 weeks in advance.

When submitting space requests, please remember to utilize your organization email address and title all events "ORG Acronym: Event title." For example, "CAB: Fall Festival."

Student Involvement and Leadership Meeting Rooms

There are a few spaces on campus set aside for student organizations to host meetings and small events. Those include:

  • Student Organization Center and Lounge Conference Room (Open During SOCAL Hours)
  • Student Orgs Room SSCB 2.103.02 (Open During SOCAL Hours)
  • Bayou 1435 (open 8 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.)
  • Bayou 1437 (open 8 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.)

To reserve any of these spaces through Student Involvement and Leadership, visit the Student Organization Center and Lounge front desk or complete the room reservation form on GetInvolved.

Classrooms, Large Spaces, Outdoor Spaces, and Tabling

Use the Facility Request Form overseen by the UHCL Scheduling team. 
When utilizing the Facility Request Form please follow these directions to successfully submit your event request.

  • Classroom Requests must be submitted 24 hours in advance
  • Computer Lab Requests must be submitted 48 hours in advance
  • Large Space Requests must be submitted 7 days in advance
  • Outdoor Space Requests must be submitted 14 days in advance

Facility Request Form Instructions

  1. Click “Events” in the top left corner > then click “Request event”
  2. Click “Student Organization Event space type”
    • Choose between outdoor locations, classrooms, computer labs, or large spaces
    • Tabling spaces and rooms such as SSCB Lobby, Bayou Atria, and Forest fall under “Large Spaces”
  3. Insert organization and event information as requested.
  4. Event Type: Select Student Organization
  5. Estimated Event Attendance: Keep in mind that the number you input will populate different sized rooms. If you want to see all options, select 5-10. If you want to reduce the search to only large spaces, select 25-50.
  6. Event Description: Include what set-up needs you have (if any) or follow up with the layout. 
    • If your setup is too complex to explain in words, you can draw your layout on an Event Diagram and submit it to  
    • Example of a great event description: “This event is to spread awareness about global warming. We would like Restaurant-Style setup for 100 people, three tables for food/drinks, and one table for sign-in." 

8. Select “Add Meeting” and input details. If you want to request multiple dates and/or locations, add multiple meetings.

9. “Meeting Type”: Select whichever closest relates to your event (Program, workshop, meeting, training, etc).

10. For every “meeting”, you will select that meeting and click “Request Rooms”

    • Recommended Tabling spaces: Bayou AI1Area2-7, SSB Lobby, STEM Lobby
    • Recommended Event spaces: Bayou 1510 Garden Room, Bayou 1430 Forest Room, BayouAI1Area1
Additional Ad Astra Notes
  • All event scheduling is done on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Rooms may not appear if they are already reserved for an alternate event. In this form, you can reserve multiple events and assign a room for each – thus you can reserve it weekly!
  • Classrooms cannot be reserved until the second week of classes.
  • Include what set-up needs you have (if any) or follow up at least 10 days in advance. Event Diagrams can be found here.
  • If you are scheduling a tabling event, include how many chairs and tables you need and how you want them set up.

Campus Recreation and Wellness Center

Campus Recreation and Wellness is a great space to consider hosting your event. They also offer equipment rentals!

Some of the spaces they offer for student organizations to reserve include: 

  • Basketball Courts 
  • Multipurpose Rooms 
  • The Backyard 
  • Balconies 

Check out Campus Recreation and Wellness's Rental and Reservation process and consider hosting your next event there!

Hunter Residence Hall

Registered Student Organizations are encouraged to host events or meetings in Hunter Residence Hall. If interested, complete the Hunter Hall Facility Reservation Request Form.

Advertising at UHCL

TV and Paper Flyer Policies

Please visit Campus Expression & Flyers for detailed policies and instructions on posting TV and paper flyers at UHCL.

Logos and Branding Guidelines

A Registered Student Organization should not utilize university logos or brands on any materials without Brand Guide approval (including social media). UHCL should not be present in an RSO name unless it comes after the organization name. For example, your organization may be titled “Chess Club at UHCL”. Your organization may not be titled “UHCL Chess Club”.

University Brand Guide: This tip sheet serves as a mini brand guide to help UHCL present itself in a consistent and thoughtful manner, focusing on logos, color palettes, fonts and photography for use in print.

If your RSO is producing anything with an official university logo, such as t-shirts, flyers, brochures, tablecloths, nametags, promo items, and more, it should be approved by Brand Guide at and utilize the tips outlined in the Brand Guide.


Post your events on GetInvolved! Find more information on creating a new event. Events can be made public or viewable by only your org members.

Social Media

Your RSO is welcome to create a social media account to market yourselves and engage with other orgs! You may also tag @UHCL_SGA or @GetInvolvedUHCL who will try to repost your upcoming events on their stories.


You are welcome to host a table on campus to spread the word about your organization or events. Tables are often reserved in the SSCB Lobby or The Bayou Atrias. These spaces are reserved through the Facility Request Form. Tips for utilizing this form are found above.

Student Involvement & Leadership hosts numerous events annually to help RSOs get their name out and about. Those include the Student Involvement Expos at the start of each semester and I Heart UHCL Day in September. Keep an eye out for opportunities!

Visitor Parking on Campus

All parking lots and spaces require a parking permit, either paid through the ParkMobile app or with a printed ticket from the pay station placed on the dashboard.

Visitors and Guests

People being invited to attend or participate in an organization event will be required to pay their own parking. Visitors may use pay stations or the ParkMobile app to purchase parking.

Speakers and Performers

Speakers or performers who are providing a service to an organization are allotted free parking during their visit, as outlined below.

Allocation of Parking Codes

  • Organization officers should instruct guests such as speakers or presenters to park in Lot D, Lot G, Lot R, and/or Student Parking, as identified on the UHCL campus map (PDF). Inform the guest that an officer will provide the required code prior to the meeting or event.
  • The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership will make codes available to student organizations free of charge to give to their invited guests based on the following procedures:
  • Organizations can use up to thirty (30) code allotments at no charge per semester. No rollovers are allowed.
  • To request parking codes, an organization officer must email the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at
  • Once the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership has received an email, an email will be sent back with directions on how to enter the code at a pay station.


  • Student Involvement and Leadership

    Phone: 281-283-2560
    Fax: 281-283-2566

    SSCB 1204
    2700 Bay Area Blvd, Box 198
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Regular office hours:
    Mon. - Thurs., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Fri. - 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    Please call ahead during holidays and semester breaks.