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Business/Personal Travel

The cost of traveling to/from the destination (airfare, mileage to/from airport, airport parking, etc.) may not be directly charged to the university or reimbursed. Only expenses that are directly related to conducting university business may be charged to or reimbursed by the university, such as lodging and meals on "days spent on business activities," and local transportation costs to/from business meetings.

What Days Count as Business Days for Domestic Travel?

  • Days spent primarily on business activities
  • Days where the traveler was required to be in that location on that date for a business purpose
  • Travel days to and from the business destination contiguous to a business day where the overnight stay is reasonable and necessary. Non-contiguous travel days are not included in the calculation.

Examples of How Personal vs. Business Days are Calculated

Travel Primarily for Business Purposes versus Travel Primarily for Personal Examples.
Example Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
Case #1: Travel entirely for business *Travel Business Business Business Business *Travel
Case #2: Travel primarily for personal *Travel Business Personal Personal Personal **Travel
Case #3: Travel primarily for business **Travel Personal Business Business Business *Travel

*Travel is counted as business day.
**Travel is counted as personal day.


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