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The Travel Office is committed to supporting the educational mission of the university through exceptional customer service to the university community, providing accurate reimbursement processing, and ensuring compliance with UHCL, UH System, and State of Texas guidelines.

Important to Know Before You Travel

Please see our COVID-19 Travel Resources page for more information.

UHCL Travel Guidelines

Travelers should assume that any item not specifically addressed in the Texas Travel Allowance Guide (Textravel) is not allowed as a University travel expense. You should be familiar enough with the UHCL Travel Guidelines to be aware of what can and what cannot be reimbursed.

When a hotel TAP (Travel Advance Program) card is requested, the Travel Office will furnish the Hotel Credit Card Agreement form when the hotel card is picked up. Please note: Hotel cards must be picked up by appointment at the Travel Office at NOA II (North Office Annex II).

When traveling on University business, you will most likely spend money on airfare, hotels, meals and other incidental items, such as business phone calls and cab fares. Subject to your department's approval, the University will reimburse you for some of these expenses. However, for others it will not. Examples of some of the non-reimbursable items include:

  • Meals for non-overnight travel
  • Any tips exceeding 20%; tips are limited to 20%
  • Pay TV and video rentals 
  • Personal entertainment such as attending a professional sports event
  • Personal phone calls
  • Health club fees
  • Domestic car rental collision and damage waiver (CDW) insurance
  • Personal injury (PI) insurance coverage.

Employees may be reimbursed for a meal expense incurred while outside of his or her designated headquarters on a day that the employee conducts state business .

NOTE: Individual units (e.g. colleges, departments, institutes, divisions) have budgetary oversight for travel expenditures and therefore may establish travel procedures which reduce allowable expenses to a level below that available through the University policy. Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) may also require a greater degree of documentation for expenses than the University policy. Therefore prior to taking a trip, travelers should consult with your College/Division Business Administrator (CBA/DBA) for documentation requirements.

NOTE: Expense reports must be submitted within 60 days of trip completion.  The IRS requires that travel reimbursements must be submitted within sixty days of completion of the travel or it becomes taxable income to the employee.  The taxable amount will be forwarded to Human Resources to be included on the traveler's W-2.  This does not apply to blanket mileage.

The preferred method for submitting documents to the Travel Office is via email. When scanning receipts, mount all receipts or other attachments with tape onto an 8-1/2" x 11" paper, carefully taping all sides without taping over printed information. For multiple receipts, please include a calculator tape to assist with the auditing of the expense report.

All Travel related documents including Travel Authorization/Foreign Travel Authorization and all supporting documentation, Expense Report and receipt originals should be retained by the employee or department until final, correct payment is received (approx. 30 days) and then shredded. When emailing expense reports, send with PO# and name of traveler. 

If 50% or more trip days are primarily personal vs. business, traveler will not be reimbursed for domestic travel to/from destination.

Mileage Reimbursement Rates

See our Mileage page for information regarding mileage reimbursement and other mileage resources.


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