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FY25 Unit Requests and Recommendations

FY25 Recommendation Report (PDF)

February 22, 2024: VPSA Memo – USO Restructuring and Student Leader Position Funding

FY25 Unit Requests

Unit Request Questionnaire Budget Worksheet Presentation (Video)
Activities Funding Board Activities Funding Board Questionnaire (PDF) Activities Funding Board Budget Worksheet (PDF) Activities Funding Board Presentation
AVPSE & Pearland AVPSE & Pearland Questionnaire (PDF) AVPSE & Pearland Budget Worksheet (PDF) AVPSE & Pearland Presentation
Campus Activities Board Campus Activities Board Questionnaire (PDF) Campus Activities Board Budget Worksheet (PDF) Campus Activities Board Presentation
Campus Recreation & Wellness Campus Recreation & Wellness Questionnaire (PDF) Campus Recreation & Wellness Budget Worksheet (PDF) Campus Recreation & Wellness Presentation
Career Services Career Services Questionnaire (PDF) Career Services Budget Worksheet (PDF) Career Services Presentation
Center for Student Advocacy & Community Center for Student Advocacy & Community Questionnaire (PDF) Center for Student Advocacy & Community Budget Worksheet (PDF) Center for Student Advocacy & Community Presentation
Counseling & Mental Health Center Counseling & Mental Health Center Questionnaire (PDF) Counseling & Mental Health Center Budget Worksheet (PDF) Counseling & Mental Health Center Presentation
Dean of Students Dean of Students Questionnaire (PDF) Dean of Students Budget Worksheet (PDF) Dean of Students Presentation
Hawk Spirit & Traditions Council Hawk Spirit & Traditions Council Questionnaire (PDF) Hawk Spirit & Traditions Council Budget Worksheet (PDF) Hawk Spirit & Traditions Council Presentation
Health Services Health Services Questionnaire (PDF) Health Services Budget Worksheet (PDF) Health Services Presentation
Military & Veteran Services Military & Veteran Services Questionnaire (PDF) Military & Veteran Services Budget Worksheet (PDF) Military & Veteran Services Presentation
Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Questionnaire (PDF) Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Budget Worksheet (PDF) Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Presentation
Orientation & New Student Programs Orientation & New Student Programs Questionnaire (PDF) Orientation & New Student Programs Budget Worksheet (PDF) Orientation & New Student Programs Presentation
Student Government Student Government Questionnaire (PDF) Student Government Budget Worksheet (PDF) Student Government Presentation
Student Publications Student Publications Questionnaire (PDF) Student Publications Budget Worksheet (PDF) Student Publications Presentation
VPSA VPSA Questionnaire (PDF) VPSA Budget Worksheet (PDF) VPSA Presentation