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Dean of Students Office

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The Dean of Students Office is committed to creating a community of Honor, Character, and Excellence. Utilizing a comprehensive approach to student development, we foster ethical decision-making, uphold student rights and responsibilities, and provide distinctive student support services.

The Dean of Students Office strives to provide a safe and respectful educational environment that lends itself to learning. When students join the UHCL community, they become part of a family that promotes civility, respect and ethical behavior towards everyone and in every situation.  Through the interpretation and facilitation of the Student Code of Conduct, the Dean of Students Office holds all students to the high standards of honor, character, and excellence.

We offer the following support services to help students achieve their academic and co-curricular objectives:

  • Academic Integrity
  • Student Conduct
  • Foster Care Alumni Support
  • Resources for Students with Children
  • Emergency Assistance Resources
  • CARE Team

We are committed to helping students become well-rounded, and educated persons while encouraging self-responsibility and self-advocacy.


Is someone's physical or mental health or safety at risk? Submit your CARE Concern online, or call 281-283-2273 at anytime.

UHCL's Crisis Awareness Response Emergency (CARE) Team treats your concern with respect and you can remain anonymous. Please know that due to F.E.R.P.A. we will be limited in the follow-up information that we can share with you.

Emergency Resource Card (PDF)