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Completed Projects Archive

Campus ID Card and Meal Plan System 
May 12, 2023

We successfully implemented our new Campus ID Card and Meal Plan System (Phase1). It was a System wide project. System provides non-proprietary, transactional solutions through secure integrations.  Key objectives included card production, mobile platform, meal plan management, dining/retail point of sale, online ordering, and print/copy, The online photo upload process has AI approval functionality. The meal Plan Portal (MPP) fully automates the meal plan selection, purchasing, and billing process. Its security and PCI compliance scans are key measures and protocols for data security and protection. Thanks to all who supported the project.

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Team Dynamix Implementation Project

TD implementation

We implemented a SaaS platform for tackling projects of any size that is as simple or as sophisticated as it needs to be. Moving from an excel spreadsheet to this solution has helped to organize everything while planning and running projects, in a way that is accurate, predictable, and beneficial. A formal project intake process and system has helped to prioritize and review projects before assigning resources and timelines. It supports any methodology: Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Card Wall, or task lists and helps in managing issues, risks, baselines, documents, and budget performance. IT service management module with configurable workflows has been used for data requests. Thanks to everyone involved in the Project!

Another Successful Project!

Residential Management System

Housing and Conference Management

We moved to Mercury Cloud, a Service (SaaS) solution for higher education Housing & Conference Management. It is fully web-based for staff and students, and works across all browsers. Earlier we had on-prem server that OIT was supporting. Now with the Mercury cloud, RMS vendor manage all of the infrastructure and data backups including OS, database updates as well as Mercury upgrades. With the new system, the interfaces are a part of the application and the housing team are able to control it and it is delivered from a proven, secure facility. Thanks to everyone involved in the Project!


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