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Planning and Construction

Mission Essential Task 

To enhance, enrich and enable the physical environment and facilities of UHCL in the most appropriate and cost-effective way possible, to help ensure a pleasant, safe and accessible campus in support of the university's mission and goals.


The design/construction aspect of this department is to effect positive changes, repairs and enhancements to UHCL facilities while balancing cost effectiveness with enduring quality to meet the evolving needs of the university. Additionally, space planning activities include the maintenance of accurate space inventory information to aid campus officials and administrators in making business and educational decisions.

Departmental Moves/Remodeling Projects

The moving of furniture, equipment or boxes requires the submission of a Work Request from the department initiating the move. The request will be evaluated for whether our Building Maintenance employees can perform the task or if an outside contractor is required. If outside movers are necessary, a quote will be acquired and an IDT will be created for the requesting department's approval. The requesting department is responsible for having all items suitably packed prior to movement. Although every effort will be made to assure safe handling, all damages and losses are the risk of the requesting department.


Facilities Management and Construction provides for campus signage needs. FMC will order approved signs, door nameplates, office identification signs, and message signs and then bill back to the requesting department by IDT. All requests should be submitted to FMC by submitting a Work Request. 

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