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Lab Safety

  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • PPE may be purchased at the bookstore. If purchased elsewhere, it must match the same protection as those chosen for sale at the bookstore. i.e., same length lab coat down legs and long sleeves, same size and design safety glasses and goggles with indirect vents and Z87 impact rating.
  • Eye Protection Demo
  • Safety goggles with indirect vents are required for use with liquids, as the risk of splash and drip into the eye is present. Safety goggles should fit the face well to provide a seal. Safety glasses may be used with dry materials, and are chosen to provide the most coverage.
  • Gloves – Gloves are not suitable for use with every chemical. There are many types of glove materials. Each type is compatible and incompatible with different materials. Search by chemical for the recommended glove type, and then by the manufacturer purchased for breakthrough time (length of time use) for that glove (thickness varies).
  • Example: Best Brand N-Dex regular disposable gloves are not suitable for concentrated sulfuric acid. They have a breakthrough time of 10 minutes or less.
  • Some Different Glove Types and Uses
  • Glove Selection by Chemical Search-Cole Parmer
  • Chemical Resistance Guide - Permeation & Degradation Data
  Chemical Inventory

The UHCL Chemical Inventory is compiled within the OnSite Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA) software.  A chemical inventory is required and serves several functions:

1) To know what materials are present and assess their hazards;
2) A location to store SDS's so that they may be reviewed when looking at chemicals needed for an experiment for hazard planning and first aid purposes;
3) Use for several agency reports throughout the year (e.g., DEA, TCEQ, DSHS); and
4) Allow faculty to share or dispose of items.

EHSA Login

  Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) Software

UHCL uses this software to keep track of regulatory obligations, inventories, permits, inspections, etc.  Login is the same as your UHCL user id and password. 

EHSA Login

  Laser Safety

Class 3b and 4 lasers must be approved and registered with the state.  New laser proposals and new authorized users must be requested by sub-registration application or amendment to the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) x.2107 to obtain prior authorization and training. 

Laser Regulations and Requirements

  Radiation Safety

Only individuals authorized by state license may possess and use radioactive materials.  New users must petition, through the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) x.2107, an amendment to the present radiation license to obtain permission. 

Radioisotope Regulations



  • Environmental, Health and Safety

    Phone: 281-283-2106

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    Office Hours:
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