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Welcome Registered Student Organization Advisors

This information, in addition to the information provided throughout the student organization resources offerings, will provide RSO Advisors with information to help advise your organization leaders effectively. Thank you for the tremendous work you are doing to support student leaders!

The RSO Advisor

Registered Student Organization Advisors are essential to support student organization success. Advisors are able to help provide guidance to the students in the organization, help enhance leadership skills, and share insight and a unique perspective. Advisors serve to guide student organization members through the process of effectively operating an organization (having their students submit their student org registrations, recruiting, hosting events, making organizational changes, etc.). It is important to remember that in light of the wealth of support advisors provide students in the Registered Student Organizations, advisors do not run the student organizations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Advisor Requirements?

Must be a full-time faculty or staff member at the University of Houston- Clear Lake and must be older than 21 years of Age. The advisor may not be a student of the post-secondary educational institution at which the organization is registered. Advisors are required to attend a yearly mandatory training.

What do we do if we are transitioning from our advisor role?

  1. Please email the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership at with your advisor update.  
  2. We recommend that when transitioning out of an advisor role, that you please help the student leaders secure another advisor, so the transition is easier. 
  3. The new advisors should complete the Advisor Agreement with the student organization leaders to ensure expectations are set in advance. 

How does an Org find an advisor?

If you are a student organization leader searching for an advisor, we highly advise asking a faculty/staff member you have worked with during your tenure as a student. When asking staff/faculty to serve as an advisor, it's good to share the name, mission, and purpose of your organization as well as some of the activities the org does (events, service, etc.), and what you are looking for in an advisor. If you have exhausted your connections trying to find an advisor, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership and we will help you in attempting to find an advisor.

What does an advisor do if officers are not involved?

You may be experiencing a situation where a student organization leader is not heavily involved. These challenges can be particularly hard, but you want to ensure the Student Organization has clear expectations for each leader's role and that their peers are able to encourage the member to complete their duties. Should this prove unsuccessful, be encouraged to have difficult conversations as the advisor with the student to encourage student leaders to adhere to the role for which they applied. Finally, we would encourage you to work with the remaining E-board members to consult the organization constitution for the best course of action for officer removal. 

Advisor Training Content

  • Provide guidance and support student leaders.
  • Be able to Connect students.
  • Advisors help student leaders use their best judgment in selecting and planning programs.
  • An advisor has a wealth of knowledge regarding policies, procedures and student rules related to student organizations.
  • Oversee adherence to university standards, rules and/or policies as well as the organization's constitution and by-laws.
  • Knowledgeable about procedures and policies associated with the inter/national organization.
  • Assist the chapter in regularly setting realistic goals and reviewing progress.
  • Note: Role may be defined by inter/national organization and may require more than the responsibilities listed above.

Responsibilities & Requirements of Advisors

  • Attend E-board meetings.
  • Host 1-1 meetings with President.
  • Be knowledgeable of university policies and procedures to communicate to the student leaders.
  • Help student leaders use their best judgment in selecting and planning programs.
  • Respond to all questions and request for help in a timely manner.
  • Respond to all questions and request for help in a timely manner.
  • Create a trusting relationship with chapter officers by building rapport.
  • Challenge the chapter to grow and develop and then support them in their endeavors.
  • Know what the chapter expects from you as an advisor and make clear what you expect from them as chapter members.
  • Ask to receive all meeting agendas and minutes. 


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