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Personal Training

The UHCL Campus Recreation and Wellness certified personal trainers are here to customize a fitness routine to align with your goals and body. Regardless of where you are on your wellness journey, our personal training staff can help you start, keep you committed, and provide that extra guidance you need. All trainers are nationally certified and focused on providing you with excellent services and a personalized plan designed to meet all your fitness goals.

Personal training services, by non-Campus Recreation and Wellness Personal Trainers, are prohibited at UHCL. This includes one-on-one or small group training anywhere on campus. Solicitation of personal training services by non-Campus Recreation and Wellness entities is also prohibited.

Personal training is available to all students and RWC members. Our range of services and packages are listed below:

Personal Training Services and Rates

Personal Training Packages
(All packages include an initial consultation with purchase. The initial consultation will serve as the first session)

*This Personal Training Pricing will take effect May 1st.
Sessions Student Pricing Non-Student Member Pricing
2 sessions $100 $120
5 sessions $210 $230
10 sessions $400 $420
20 sessions $750 $770

Benefits Of Personal Training

  • Health
    • Prioritize your health by taking matters into your own hands.
  • Active
    • Indulge in a more active lifestyle.
  • Wellness
    • Foster social and emotional wellness.
  • Knowledge
    • Gain the knowledge necessary to take your fitness to the next level.
  • Service
    • Our personal training staff will provide and unparalleled service.

Personal Training Registration

  1. Complete the Personal Training Services Interest form. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing by our fitness team.
  2. Finalize the details. Our Fitness Administration will review your interest form and match you with a trainer.
  3. Pay for Services. Pay by visiting our Member Service’s desk. At least two sessions must be purchased before your initial consultation.
  4. Begin Sessions. Your assigned trainer will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule your initial consultation.

Health and Human Performance Institute

The Health and Human Performance Institute, located within the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, serves the Bay Area Houston community with programs designed to improve health, performance and to overcome the barriers resulting in disability with chronic disease. Purchase an HHPI membership through Campus Recreation and Wellness.


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