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Nutrition Services


Now offering nutrition services with our Certified Nutrition Coach Jessica. Listed below are packages available for all RWC Members and UHCL students: 

Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Consultation Packages
Plan Description Price
Single Consultation 30 minute nutrition consultation with basic meal guidelines provided $30
Single Consultation with Meal Plan 60 minute nutrition consultation with individual meal plan included $80

To purchase a Nutrition Consultation, you can visit our Member Services Office in person. Once you've made your purchase, a member of Fitness and Wellness team will contact you within three business days to schedule your consultation.

Nutrition Workshops

In addition to our  one-on-one consultations, we offer a diverse range of engaging nutrition workshops, open to all RWC patrons. These workshops will take place in Multipurpose Room 1 at the UHCL Campus Recreation and Wellness center.

  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Feb 12
    Heart Healthy
  • Mar. 6
    Nutrition for Cognitive Health & Sleep
  • Apr. 15
    Sustainable Eating: Plant-Based Nutrition
  • May 29
    Nutrition For High Blood Pressure

Workshop Descriptions

Heart Healthy

Unlock the secrets to a heart-healthy lifestyle in our Heart Healthy Nutrition workshop on February 12th. Join us for an engaging session where we explore the vital role of nutrition supporting cardiovascular wellness. Discover the ABCs of heart-healthy eating, learn to create a balanced plate that nourishes your heart, and delve into the specifics of macronutrients and micronutrients that contribute to optimal heart function. 

Nutrition for Cognitive Health & Sleep

Discover the potential of your mind and achieve restful sleep with our Nutrition for Cognitive Health and Sleep workshop on March 6th! Dive into the fascinating intersection of nutrition, cognitive function, and the essential role it plays in promoting a good night’s sleep. Learn about foods that fuel your brain, understand the connection between nutrition and cognitive performance, and discover practical tips for enhancing your sleep quality through mindful eating. 

Sustainable Eating: Plant-Based Nutrition

Join us on April 15th for an eco-friendly journey into Sustainable Eating and Plant-Based Nutrition! Discover how your food choices can positively impact both your health and the planet. Learn about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, learn practical tips for incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, and understand the environmental aspects of sustainable eating. 

Nutrition for High Blood Pressure

Take charge of your heart health with our Nutrition for High Blood Pressure workshop on May 29th! Join us as we delve into the powerful connection between nutrition and blood pressure regulation. Understand the role of dietary choices in managing high blood pressure, discover foods that help with managing high blood pressure, and gain practical tips for creating a balanced diet that supports optimal blood pressure levels. 

Nutritional Resources

A variety of recipes and resources encourage healthy eating and provide fun and easy recipes for the UHCL student, employee and community members. Recipes range from eating healthy on a budget, vegan/vegetarian, allergy friendly and gluten free to those for the sport-specific athlete. 


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