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Hunter Residence Hall FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

As a student considering Hunter Residence Hall, you likely have questions about what it's like to live on campus, and what the rules and regulations are. You can find some of the most frequently asked questions and answers below. Please also view our "Housing Policies and Procedures" tab for additional information. If you have any additional questions, please call Student Housing and Residential Life at 281-283-2615 or send an email to

How do I sign up for Housing?

Once you are fully admitted to UHCL, please visit and login to UHCL Housing System and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is there a deadline to apply for housing?

No, there is no official deadline to apply for housing. However, we encourage all students to apply early.

Why am I automatically assigned to University Forest Apartments?

The University of Houston-Clear Lake has a contractual obligation with Campus Living Villages USA that requires us to assign students to University Forest Apartments (UFA) before we assign them to Hunter Residence Hall. However, students may reject the assignment to University Forest Apartments (UFA), in which case we will assign them to Hunter Residence Hall.

How do I pay the $200 non-refundable prepayment?
All residents in Hunter Residence Hall are required to pay a $200 non-refundable prepayment. You will complete this step within your Housing Portal, just before signing the Residence Hall Service Agreement. Students may request a pre-payment waiver at time of application.
Who is eligible to live in Hunter Residence Hall?

Any full or part-time, currently enrolled, registered, undergraduate (6+ credit hours) or graduate student (9+ credit hours), in good standing at UHCL is eligible to live in Hunter Residence Hall. Convicted and/or registered sexual offenders are not eligible to live in Hunter Residence Hall.

What's included in my room fee?

Your room fee includes a fully furnished space in a room with a semi-private bathroom. Our all-inclusive utilities and amenities are:

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Sewer and garbage
  • Cable TV in the lounges
  • Laundry facilities (FREE with unlimited use)
  • High speed internet (wireless and wired)
  • 24-hour staff support
Am I required to buy a Meal Plan?

All Hunter Residence Hall residents are required to have a $1,400.00 Dining Dollar meal plan, for each fall and spring semester. This meal plan charge will be automatically placed onto your student account. Dining Dollar meal plan options include $1,400.00, $1,680.00, and $2,100.00. Residents will also be able to add onto their meal plan (minimum of $50.00), at any time throughout the semester. Meal plans will be available for viewing and selection later on in summer. Visit Dining Services for additional information.

Am I able to live on campus during the summer?

Yes, students are able to reside in Hunter Residence Hall during the summer. Students will have to agree to and sign the Summer Residence Hall Agreement, as their academic year Residence Hall Agreement ends following the end of spring semester. Students will be assessed a daily summer rate.

Am I able to park and have my vehicle on campus?

Yes. You are responsible for securing a parking permit and following all parking policies and guidelines. For more information regarding parking, please consult with UHCL Parking.

Is there storage available in Hunter Residence Hall?

No, there is no personal storage available for residents. You need to bring only the items that fit in your room. If you need storage during the summer break, there are local storage facilities available in the area.

What type of custodial services are available in Hunter Residence Hall?

Custodial services are provided in the common spaces of the Hall, including our kitchen, lounges and hallways. Residents are responsible for cleaning their own rooms/suites and bathrooms.

Resident bathrooms are deep cleaned at the end of each semester (fall, spring and summer), and all residents will be adequately notified of when that cleaning will take place.

Are pets allowed in Hunter Residence Hall? What about Service or Emotional Support Animals?

Only non-carnivorous fish are permitted in Hunter Residence Hall, in a tank no larger than 5 gallons.

Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, approved by both Accessibility Support Center and Student Housing and Residential Life, are permitted in Hunter Residence Hall. Proper documentation will be required and collected.

Where will I get my mail and packages?

Your mailbox is located by the front desk area. You will receive a package slip for packages that do not fit into the mailbox. You will turn in your package slip to the front desk and sign for your package.

Where can I do my laundry?

There are laundry facilities located on each floor of Hunter Residence Hall. Laundry fees are included as part of your overall Housing fees. 

Do I need to move everything out during winter break?

No, you do not need to move anything out of your room during the winter break, unless you are permanently moving out of the hall for the academic year.

When will I receive a room/suite assignment?

Residents are able to self-select a room/suite on their own! This will be your final step in the UHCL Housing System.

Room and suite assignment confirmations are made mid-July.

Starting on August 1, 2021, Student Housing and Residential Life will manually assign students who have not yet selected rooms/suites in Hunter Residence Hall.

Can I request a specific person to be my roommate?

Yes, but you are responsible for coordinating. When you self-select a room/suite in the UHCL Housing System, you are in control of the space you choose. We recommend you and your friend sitting down at computers and selecting the same room, at the same time. This will help ensure you both get the two spots in a room. 

Can I contact my roommate before school starts?

Yes. You will be able to view limited profile information in the UHCL Housing System, so that you can reach out and get to know each other before moving in together.


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