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UHCL Chemistry student in lab

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How to Apply for ATA and TA

UHCL Chemistry Program Students

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students only: Chemistry Program offers Chemistry Practicum (CHEM 4115) during Fall and Spring semesters. Students enrolled in CHEM4115, Assistant Teaching Assistants (ATAs), gain valuable teaching and instructing experience while assisting in undergraduate laboratory courses (labs for General Chemistry I/II, labs for Organic Chemistry I/II).

ATA position requires 6-10 hours of committed time per week. ATAs are assigned to two laboratory sections per semester and are required to attend both sections each week. Duties include: assisting students during the lab and completing course assignments as required, such as creating teaching aids and pre-lab presentation for one of the experiments. To enroll in this course, contact Dr. Nataliya Markina ( one-two months before the semester starts.

Requirements for an ATA: B or higher for the laboratory for which an ATA is planned, good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 3.00), good communicability.

Graduate Students

For graduate students only: Chemistry Program offers Teaching Assistantships every semester, including Summer semesters. Priorities are given to CHEM majors but other STEM graduate students are welcome to apply.

Teaching assistantships are available for:

  • high enrollment lower-level lecture courses (General Chemistry I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II);
  • lower-level laboratory courses (lab for General Chem I/II, lab for Organic Chem I/II);
  • upper-level laboratory courses (CHEM);

Or combinations of the courses above.

A full TA position requires 20 hours of committed time per week. It is a paid position. Duties depend on a particular course but typically require: setting up the chemicals/equipment/glassware, running a trial experiment, assisting the instructor during the lab, cleaning up after the lab, grading assignments, proctoring tests, etc.

To apply, contact Ms. Maria Elena Rodriguez for a TA application. It is best to submit the application one-two months before the semester starts. Minimum requirements for a TA: enrolled in minimum of 6 hours (if Fall or Spring, 1 hour if Summer), good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 3.00. Preferred 3.5 or higher).

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

For both undergraduate and graduate students: The Student Success Center hires Embedded Tutors and regular Tutors, to help students with lower-level lecture courses (General Chemistry I/II, Organic Chemistry I/II). The position is highly competitive and involves interaction with students in and outside the classroom. Substantial subject knowledge, previous experience with the course, and excellent social skills are required.


It is best to submit the application one-two months before the semester starts.

Scholarships and Grants

  • Welch Departmental Grant – our Program regularly recognizes students engaged in outstanding research activities, with scholarships $1-1.5k. 
  • Zeon Scholarship is used to award graduate students who successfully have defended their thesis project (around $3k). 
  • CSE Student Affairs Committee considers students for a number of other Chemistry scholarships: Lubrizol Chemistry, Robert and Star Hopkins, Sterling Chemicals, Consuelo Mendoza, and JAKZO. Students should apply for these scholarships by the end of February of each year, and will be evaluated in early May. Learn more about college (CSE) scholarships.
  • ELPSG – NSF HSI Program Grant (Dr. Said Bettayeb as a PI), and HLSAMP Program (Dr. Magdy Akladios as a PI) allowed us additional opportunities to sponsor undergraduate students in research. Please contact  Dr. Bettayeb at, or Dr. Akladios at

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