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College of Science and Engineering Departments

The College of Science and Engineering at University of Houston-Clear Lake delivers high-quality academic programs across six different departments in fields such as biology and biotechnology, computing sciences, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and statistics, and physics and applied sciences. This vibrant educational atmosphere provides competitive undergraduate, graduate programs, as well as a range of helpful minors, certificates and specializations.

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Department of Biology and Biotechnology

If you’re interested in biology or biotechnology, this department offers a variety of program and degree options for students. Many degrees offer additional specialties that help you shape your education to match your career goals. If you’re a highly motivated and qualified student, you can combine the Bachelor and Master of Science in Biological Science into a single plan of study that helps you advance your future in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Biology and Biotechnology

Department of Computing Sciences

Learn the skills necessary to meet the changing demands of the technology industry. A productive career in computing starts with a diverse classroom environment that emphasizes learning and research so you can eventually put theories into practical application. With undergraduate and graduate degree options available in computer information systems, computer science and information technology, the primary goal for this department is to guide you to an understanding of your sense of responsibility and how your work and behavior impacts the world.

Computing Sciences

Department of Engineering

Any worthwhile engineering program will strengthen independent thought, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. At UHCL, we up the ante by actively assisting you in reaching your career goals. Grounded by a pursuit of lifelong learning and innovative thought, you will acquire a solid foundation in the key engineering principles and practices for fields like computer engineering, engineering management, systems engineering and software engineering. Undergraduates can partake of our pre-engineering programs, while graduate students can select a specialization to increase their expertise in a specific area.


Department of Environmental Science

Environmental Science is the study of how the parts of nature and human societies operate and interact. It is devoted to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity for sustainable development, and the control of biological, chemical and physical agents in the environment (air, water, soil, and groundwater) to prevent adverse effects on human and other living organisms. 

Environmental Science

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The courses in this department are designed to prepare you to bring your affinity for math and statistics into the fields of medicine, insurance, finance, education, sciences or engineering. The programs are constructed with an interdisciplinary focus that will educate you in deep theory knowledge and practical real-world application.

Mathematics and Statistics

Department of Physical and Applied Sciences

With your pursuit of a degree from this department, you will gain vital skills and abilities in physics, chemistry, industrial hygiene, and safety. Such a course of study will find you well-prepared for research- and application-oriented careers in government, higher education, private industry and more.

Physical and Applied Sciences


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