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International Students

The Chemistry Program welcomes international students, at both undergraduate and graduate level. Both the university and the Chemistry Program highly recognize the value of diversity and have diligently cultivated this student body. The Chemistry Program faculty body itself is also very diverse, six out of seven standing faculty members come from countries other than the United States.

Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States with a diverse cultural ethnicity. UHCL, with its  location in the cosmopolitan city of Houston that hosts  more than 80 consulates, has students from more than 50 countries and offers an unprecedented opportunity for which one can evolve toward world citizenship. It is easy to find ethical food, communities and cultural activities for a particular group of people from different countries. The Vietnamese, Indian, Korean, Mexico and Chinese communities in Houston are especially large. UHCL supports many student organizations. The Indian Student Association at UHCL is especially active and efficient. It has provided strong assistance to incoming Indian students.

International students interested in our programs may want to visit the website of UHCL's International Advising. The Intercultural Advising provides "leadership, advocacy and support which facilitates the development of successful, well-rounded, educated and accepting individuals." International students may also take advantage of the Career Services for assistance on employment service and career preparation, or the writing center for peer tutoring in writing projects.


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