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Biological Sciences Advising

Students should schedule a session with an academic advisor as soon as possible. The academic advising office is located in the Bayou Building; office 3611, email; phone 281-283-3711.

The faculty advisors assist the students by:

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  • Approving elective course selections
  • Determining foundation courses students need
  • Approving the CPS
  • Evaluating the students' academic records, if necessary
  • Helping students set up an individual study plan
  • Offering advice on course selections
  • Offering advice on requests to waive courses

The academic advisors help students by:


  • Helping them set up draft CPS
  • Approving the CPS
  • Partially evaluating their academic records
  • Advising undergraduate students on all lower-level courses as well as some upper-level courses
  • Processing requests for lower-level course waivers
  • Assigning a faculty advisor to every student

Before meeting with the faculty advisor, students should:

  • Select their elective courses
  • Bring all transcripts to help their faculty advisor determine whether they need foundation courses

The current faculty advisors for undergraduate Biology: