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Administrative Policies and Procedures

The University of Houston-Clear Lake Memorandums of Administrative Policies (MAPs) are intended to provide general information and contain the official policies, process and procedures, standards, and guidelines that govern the faculty, staff, and student body. UHCL reserves the right to update MAPs as needed to reflect current law, Board policy, System policy or other guidelines.

Policies are subject to change and should be consulted as needed for updates. Policy information does not constitute a contract between UHCL and its employees. UHCL administrative and business operations are subject to federal, State of Texas, University of Houston System Board of Regents, and University of Houston System policies and procedures, and to standards of good business and management practice. Please search on the University of Houston System website to determine if a University of Houston Board of Regents Policy or UH System policy (SAM) might apply:

UHCL Memorandums of Administrative Policies (MAPs)

01 General Administration

UH System (SAMs) General Administration Policies

A. Administrative Guide

Policy # Policy Revised
01.A.06 University Shared Governance Policy 11/20/2020
01.A.08 Tobacco-Free Campus Policy 05/10/2018
01.A.10 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy  

B. Facilities and Physical Plant

Policy # Policy Revised
01.B.06 Use of Space and Facilities 05/08/2014

C. Risk Management

Policy # Policy Revised
01.C.20 Campus Carry Policy 08/23/2021

D. Legal Affairs

Policy # Policy Revised
01.D.04 Affirmative Action Policy 05/12/2012
01.D.05 Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Statement 05/12/2012
01.D.15 Freedom of Expression Policy 01/23/2021

F. Public Safety

Policy # Policy Revised
01.F.05 Emergency Management Policy 08/30/2019
01.F.06 Essential Personnel 06/18/2021
01.F.07 Fire and Life Safety Code 08/05/2020

02 Human Resources

UH System (SAMs) Human Resources Policies

A. General

B. Compensation

Policy # Policy Revised
02.B.02 Overtime and Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Staff 04/22/1999
02.B.04 UHCL Staff Compensation 12/01/2011
02.B.06 Authorized Categories of Non-Exempt Compensation 04/08/2021
02.B.07 Fair Labor Standards Act 07/09/2021
02.B.12 Summer Pay Policy for Faculty 10/21/2020

C. Fringe Benefits

Policy # Policy Revised
02.C.08 Group Insurance 10/08/2009

D. Leave Entitlements

Policy # Policy Revised
02.D.01 Vacation and Sick Leave 06/27/2021
02.D.04 Types of Employee Leave 07/09/2021
02.D.06 Family and Medical Leave 06/18/2021
02.D.08 Parental Leave 07/09/2021

E. Miscellaneous Benefits

Policy # Policy Revised
02.E.07 Staff Service and Performance Awards 05/11/2000

F. Payroll

Policy # Policy Revised
02.F.03 Employee Time and Effort Reporting 04/08/2021

03 Fiscal Affairs

UH System (SAMs) Fiscal Affairs Policies

A. General

Policy # Policy Revised
03.A.04 P-Card Policy 09/30/2020
03.A.19 Monthly Cell Phone Allowance 06/08/2020
03.A.45 Check and Cash Management Policy 12/04/2020

D. Payroll

Policy # Policy Revised
03.D.04 Payroll Check Policy 08/06/2020

F. Asset Management

Policy # Policy Revised
03.F.15 Asset Management Policies  
03.F.16 Asset Management Acquisitions  
03.F.17 Asset Management Inventory Control  

05 Student Affairs

UH System (SAMs) Student Affairs Policies

C. Programs/Compliance

Policy # Policy Revised
05.C.05 Students Rights and Responsibilities 05/19/2014
05.C.06 Student Organization Policies Under Review
05.C.07 Policies Governing Campus Life Under Review
05.C.08 Hazing 07/05/2020
05.C.09 Financial Responsibility 07/08/1992



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    Office hours:
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