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I don't know my Username and/or password for UHCL, what do I do?

You can use the EULA link to set up (or even reset) your password, and also view your assigned Username.

Note: to utilize the EULA site you must also know your 7 digit UHCL ID number and date of birth.

If you don’t know your UHCL ID number then you can look that up too. 

I can't sign into Navigate (not a student employee)

If you can sign into Outlook and/or Blackboard with your university username and password then you should be able to sign into Navigate as well because these UHCL technologies all utilize the same username and password, you just don’t enter “” at the end of your username when signing into Navigate or Blackboard. 

If your credentials are rejected by those services as well, then try resetting your password using the EULA link. If that does not work, then you may also contact the OIT Support Center at 281-283-2828 or for student account login issues.

If you successfully sign into Outlook and/or Blackboard, and Navigate still says “Invalid Username or password” or “No account found,” Navigate may not have your username and other student information loaded in their system yet. It does take 72 hours for your information to transmit from the main student information system into Navigate AFTER you are admitted to UHCL for an upcoming semester. Try again after you 72 hours have passed.

Students on academic suspension should contact the Academic College office directly since you won’t be able to utilize Navigate until AFTER you secure reinstatement to UHCL.

If you know you have been admitted longer than 72 hours, and you know you are using the correct credentials, then contact with your full name, username, and your 7 digit student ID number. Please also include a screenshot of the error message.

I can't sign into Navigate (student employee or former student employee)

Student employees are assigned a staff UHCL username account upon hire.  That username is what you will utilize to log into the Navigate App.  Note, this username does not contain the 4 numbers at the end. It is likely just your last name and first initial.

If you are unsure of this staff username account, you can try looking it up by clicking here. Or you may contact the Support Center at 281-283-2828 or for assistance with accessing it and setting up your password. Inform them that you are a student employee trying to access the Navigate app.

If you are no longer a student employee at UHCL then email to remove your staff username account which will allow you to access Navigate with your student username. 

Signed into App but can't make an appointment with an Advisor?

The appointment feature for “Advising” only works for “degree seeking” students. 

Bachelor Degree Seeking: Academic Advisors are assigned to all “undergraduate degree seeking” students.  If you are pursuing a bachelors degree then you should be able to link to your advisors calendar through the Navigate app. It is likely the connection type that you are selecting that is presenting the error.

  • New Transfer students should select connection methods (Video, Email, Phone, or In-Person) for Transfer Advising.
  • Current or continuing UHCL students should select connection methods (Video, Email, Phone, or In-Person) for Current Students.
  • New Freshman, all students who recently graduated from High School or less than 4 college classes completed AFTER high school graduation should select connection methods (Video, Phone, or In-Person) for Freshman.

Masters degree seeking or Graduate level students: Graduate students in the College of Business will have an advisor assigned to you, but it does take about a week after you are admitted for that assignment to be applied. Just select one of the “Current Student” options and then in the comments, indicate that you are a Graduate student and what type of assistance you are seeking.

Graduate Students in College of Science and Engineering, College of Human Sciences and Humanities, and College of Education will likely work directly with faculty for your specialized degree program, and faculty do not currently utilize Navigate. If you are unsure of your assigned faculty or just need general academic assistance then you can contact the College Advising Office directly. Let them know what type of academic assistance you are needing so that they can best connect you with the appropriate staff or faculty.  Below are the links to the three academic college advising office pages:

How do I report an issue with the app?

Send email and supporting details to using subject line “Issue with app.” Be sure to include:

  • A clear and concise description of the issue.
  • A description of what happened and what you expected to happen.
  • Steps to reproduce the issue, if available.
  • Screen shots of the issue, if relevant.
  • Any error messages you received.
  • Your type of mobile device (Apple or Android).
  • Your 7 digit Student ID number and UHCL email (only if not emailing from UHCL email account).
What do I do if my app is frozen or acting weird?

Try a hard close and relaunch the app. For iOS, double click the Home button then swipe the app preview away to “hard close.” On Android, open the app manager view and slide the app preview away to “hard close.”

I just resolved a Hold, why is it still showing up?
Holds are updated every 24 hours in Navigate, so check back tomorrow to see if it’s successfully been resolved in Navigate. If the issue persists, contact
How do I change my notification settings?

In the More tab, there’s a link called Notification Settings where you can personalize your notification preferences.