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Academic Advising for the College of Science and Engineering

At UHCL, we believe in the impact academic advising has on a student's academic journey. Our professional academic advisors collaborate with committed students by providing crucial tools, resources, and guidance. Your advisor can guide you in decision-making, but the choice is yours to make. We advise. You decide.

Advising Procedures

UHCL Advising – Who Do I Meet With First?

  • First-time college students meet with CSE academic advisors in their first semester. This includes the following:
    • Freshmen with dual credit or who have graduated from early college high schools
    • Students with 0-29 credit hours of transfer coursework
  • Students transferring 30+ credit hours of coursework must first meet with the Transfer Advising office.

  • International students with questions about full-time enrollment requirements, restrictions on working in the U.S., traveling around the U.S., and other rules and responsibilities connected to immigration status must meet with the International Advisors within the Office of International Admissions & Student Services.

CSE Undergraduate Students

Every CSE undergraduate student is assigned a professional academic advisor when they are admitted to their program of study and has a faculty mentor.  

  • Professional academic advisors assist students with the following:
    • Candidate Plan of Study (a.k.a. Degree Plan) creation, audits, and adjustments
    • Understanding degree requirements
    • Course sequencing/selection
    • Transfer credit questions
    • Minor declaration process
    • I-20 Update Forms
    • SAP Appeals (Financial Aid)
    • VSO Paperwork
    • Graduation application audits
    • Advisement Report corrections
    • Registration error troubleshooting
    • Facilitate student inquiry to faculty mentors
  • Faculty mentors are faculty within your chosen program that assist undergraduate students with detailed program and course content questions. They are your subject matter experts in your chosen field. They can help you with questions about the degree program, elective selection, career options, getting involved in research, and offering general academic guidance. Faculty Mentors are essential to an undergraduate student’s success.

CSE Graduate Students

Every CSE graduate student has an assigned faculty advisor and assigned professional advisor.  

  • Faculty advisors are listed on the admission letter for every CSE graduate student. Faculty advisors guide graduate students on what courses they should take and can also discuss career options.

  • Professional academic advisors assist students with the following:
    • Candidate Plan of Study (a.k.a. Degree Plan) creation
    • I-20 update forms
    • SAP Appeals (Financial Aid)
    • VSO paperwork
    • Graduation application audits
    • Advisement report corrections
    • Course overrides with faculty advisor documentation

Academic Advisors

All CSE students have an assigned professional academic advisor:

  • Advisors By Major
  • Michelle Gutierrez, M.S. - Director of Academic Advising

    Phone: 281-283-3710


    • Undergraduate Majors:
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Mechanical Engineering (Last names A-D)
      • Occupational Safety & Health 


    • Graduate Majors:
      • Chemistry
      • Physics
      • Occupational Safety & Health 
  • Beryl Ricard - Senior Academic Advisor 

    Phone: 281-283-3713


    • Undergraduate Majors:
      • Information Technology
      • Environmental Science
      • Pre-Engineering
      • CSE Undeclared


    • Graduate Majors:
      • Computer Science (all Grad)
      • Data Science
      • Engineering Management (including certificate students)
      • Environmental Sciences 
      • Software Engineering (including certificate students) Systems Engineering (including certificate students)
  • NaJean Preiss - Senior Academic Advisor

    Phone: 281-283-3714

    • Undergraduate Majors:
      • Biology (including Teacher Certification students) 

    • Graduate Majors:
      • Biology
      • Biotechnology 
  • Celina Mejia - Academic Advisor 

    Phone: 281-283-3772


    • Undergraduate Majors:
      • Computer Information Systems
      • Computer Science (all Undergrad) 


    • Graduate Majors:
      • Computer Information Systems 
  • Michelle N. Diaz - Academic Advisor 

    Phone: 281-283-3702


    • Undergraduate Majors:
      • Computer Engineering
      • Mathematics (including Teacher Certification students)
      • Mechanical Engineering (last names E-Z)


    • Graduate Majors:
      • Computer Engineering 
      • Mathematics
      • Statistics

Academic Advising Appointments

Each semester before registering, we recommend you review the University Catalog to become familiar with your degree requirements and the UHCL policies and procedures. Your advisor can guide you in decision-making, but the choice is yours to make.

Peer Advisors

Peer advisors (PA's) are UHCL students who answer general questions, schedule appointments with academic advisors, and work at the front counter of the CSE Academic Advising Office (B3611). Our peer advisors can provide you with insight into the policies and procedures of the university and the College of Science and Engineering. They are also familiar with all the academic programs offered by the college. Peer advisors are fellow CSE students who know the ins and outs of our college, and they're a great resource for you!

If you have a couple of quick questions or cannot meet with your academic advisor, call 281-283-3717 or email One of our peer advisors can assist you with getting the answers you need.

Career Goals


Faculty in your program are essential resources to develop your career trajectory. Please contact them for:

  • Information on the field and to discuss your specific career goals.
  • Recommended programs or additional certifications.
  • How to prepare for certification/licensure/endorsement, if required.

Career Services

Planning a career path can be challenging and puzzling. It's never too early to visit Career Services for help in building your career plan. Understanding and articulating the relationship between your major, interests, skills and experiences will allow you to maximize your opportunities upon graduation and to showcase your talents effectively.

The Career Services Center can assist with major and career exploration and can assist with your resume, cover letter, mock interviews, etc.

Phone: 281-283-2590
Location: Student Services and Classroom Building (SSCB), Suite 3109

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships supports initiatives that enhance and increase experiential learning opportunities for UHCL students. Their current programs aim to increase participation in internships that help students prepare for their careers.

Phone: 281-283-2076
Location: Student Services and Classroom Building (SSCB), Suite 3203


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    Phone: 281-283-3700
    Advising: 281-283-3711

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