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Cross Cultural and Global Studies Program

Program Overview/Mission

The master's degree program in Cross-Cultural and Global Studies is designed for students interested in developing knowledge and skills appropriate to working in cross-cultural environments. The program focuses on understanding cultural dynamics, appreciating cultural diversity, and negotiating differences between cultures and societies with the goal of bridging these differences.

Program Degrees

Admission Requirements

  • Cross-Cultural and Global Studies
  • Application
    Apply online through for admission to the University of Houston-Clear Lake as a graduate student.
  • Requirements
    • 3.0 GPA obtain in the last 60 hours
    • If below a 3.0 GPA, use the Admission Formula:
      • (Last 60 GPA X 24) + Verbal GRE Score + Quantitative GRE Score = 350 or above we admit
    • GRE Requirements:
      • For Fall 2022 only, the GRE will be waived. The GRE waiver will be automatically applied after successful submission of the admission application.
      • If the last 60-hour GPA is below a 3.00, student admission files will be sent to the program for individual review. Students may still submit a GRE and use the admission formula to gain acceptance into the program. 
      • If planning to apply for a future semester, the GRE may be waived with a 3.0 GPA obtained in the last 60 credit hours or hold a doctorate degree.
      • If required, General GRE Exam,
      • UHCL GRE Code: 6916
  • Transcripts
    Students should submit official transcripts from every college or university attended to the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Office of Admissions or International Admissions.

    Please review New Student Admissions in the Graduate Catalog under Transcripts and Records Information to learn how to submit an official college transcript to UHCL.

Program Faculty

Maria Curtis
Maria Curtis

Maria Curtis

Associate Professor in Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Studies,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3429
Office: SSCB 2109.09

Maria Curtis Faculty Bio

Christine Kovic
Christine Kovic

Christine Kovic

Professor of Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Studies,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3365
Office: Bayou 2617.04

Christine Kovic Faculty Bio

Michael McMullen
Michael McMullen

Michael McMullen

Professor of Sociology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3435
Office: Bayou 2617.13

Michael McMullen Faculty Bio

Dawit Woldu
Dawitt Woldu

Dawit Woldu

Associate Professor of Anthropology,
Human Sciences and Humanities

Contact number: 281-283-3364
Office: SSCB 2109.12

Dawit Woldu Faculty Bio

Curriculum and Instruction

In this program you will have the unique opportunity to create a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary learning experience focused on understanding diversity:

  • Conflict resolution and mediation through courses which provide skills to apply in a number of cross-cultural institutional environments, such as corporate, religious, legal, educational, grassroots, nonprofit, or international non-governmental organizations
  • Regional and area studies through concentrated courses on Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, which emphasize global perspectives. Students have participated in Model Arab League at the regional and national level and have won scholarships to study overseas.
  • Interdisciplinarity through courses in Anthropology, History, Literature, Psychology, Sociology, and Geography which offer different approaches to the study of cultural diversity.
  • A Capstone experience that is either practically oriented in an internship or focused on conducting original research in a thesis or a project. Past internships have included Multicultural Offices in higher education institutions, health and human rights initiatives, and non-governmental organizations.

Student Resources

Career Opportunities
A degree in Cross-Cultural Studies can be a springboard to a successful career in a number of professions, especially in Houston, the most diverse city in the country. You can:

  • Conduct research or otherwise build a career working for local and international non-profit organizations and social service agencies, focusing on refugees, human rights, family, healthcare and much more
  • Work in human resources, especially in diversity management, talent management, and/or training
  • Work at educational institutions in international student advising and counseling or international education
  • Join cultural centers, museums, and other institutions addressing diversity and cross-cultural understanding
  • Serve as a cultural interlocutor between health care professionals and patients in the medical field
  • Apply your skills in the field of cross-cultural consultancy in the business or public sector
  • Pursue a doctoral degree in a discipline of your choice
  • Teach diversity related courses at the secondary or junior college levels
  • Join any office that has a concern for fostering effective cross-cultural communication and nurturing cultural diversity
UHCL Career Services

Additional Information

To learn more about the Cross-Cultural and Global Studies program, contact:

Dr. Maria Curtis, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Studies
Program Director, Cross-Cultural Studies


Human Sciences and Humanities
Academic Advising Office

University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Blvd
Houston, TX 77058-1098