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Department of Social and Cultural Sciences

Social and Cultural Sciences Provide a Powerful Academic Foundation

Understand the human experience from a global perspective through the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences in University of Houston-Clear Lake's College of Human Sciences and Humanities. Our faculty and students are dedicated to the understanding of the human condition from a societal perspective and to applying those concepts to improve lives. Your professors' expertise encompasses the spectrum of social sciences — anthropology, criminology, cross-cultural and global studies, general behavioral sciences, geography, political science, public service and sociology. The department's elective courses highlight interdisciplinary approaches and intellectual diversity, fostering critical investigation and curiosity.

Determine Your Own Career Path

When you choose your degree, you'll narrow your focus on your target discipline, but most degrees within the College of Human Sciences and Humanities are interdisciplinary. That's because we believe that the world is too complex to limit yourself to just one area of study. The degrees within the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences give you a strong foundation in your chosen discipline, but draw heavily from other programs to explore all aspects of a subject matter. Your studies encompass a variety of courses that examine the political, social, cultural and geographical forces that shape life.

Programs and Degrees


 Anthropology Program degrees include:

Behavioral Sciences

Behavioral Sciences Program degrees include:

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice Program degrees include:

Cross-Cultural Studies

Cross-Cultural Studies Program degrees include:


Geography Program degrees include: 

Public Service Leadership

Public Service Leadership Program degrees include:


Sociology Program degrees include:

Minors and Certificates

University of Houston-Clear Lake's College of Human Sciences and Humanities offers various minors and certificates to supplement any degree. 

Earning a Minor

The following are the minors and certificates available within the Social and Cultural Sciences Department:


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