Goals and Objectives of the Texas Envirothon

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Goal 1

To promote a desire to learn more about the natural environment and develop knowledge and skills to apply the basic principles and practices of resource management and ecology.


  • Basic knowledge and awareness
  • Analysis skills and resource management

Goal 2

To promote stewardship of natural resources and develop critical thinking skills, cooperative problem-solving skills, and decision making skills of students to balance the quality of life and the quality of the environment.


  • Identification of environmental problems
  • Issue investigation
  • Comprehension of different points of view
  • Ability to generate alternative solutions
  • Evaluation of personal positions
  • Ability to think ahead
  • Ability to communicate

Goal 3

To provide students with experience in environmentally oriented activities to enable them to become environmentally aware, action oriented citizens.


  • Knowledge of strategies used in environmental/natural resource management
  • Working with resource management agencies and organizations
  • Evaluating the effect of personal actions


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