Other Funds

Other funds may be:

  • Operating Scholarships: These scholarships are only available in current year or for a short period of time.
  • Endowed Program Funds: These funds are permanent funds that are not scholarships but are available each year.
  • Non-endowed Program Funds: These funds are only available the current year or for a short period of time and is not a scholarship.

Please review availability of funds carefully when applying.

Kamlesh and Satish Agarwal Research Assistantship



This program is only available for two years while funds last; contact the Software Engineering Program.


$4,200 per semester, for two semesters in total


  1. Standard RA application form reviewed by program and the dean 
  2. Graduate student in the UHCL Software Engineering program (or taking a SWEN class) conducting COVID-related research as approved by Dean/Program Chair

Kamlesh and Satish Agarwal Student Research Fund Endowment

Endowed Program Fund


Available each year (full criteria packet)


Up to $2,000 per academic year 


  1. Must be a full-time graduate degree-seeking student  
  2. Majoring in Software Engineering
  3. Good academic standing (3.0 or greater)
  4. Must submit a completed student research application packet.

Kamlesh and Satish Agarwal Thesis Scholarship

Operating Scholarship


Only available for two years while funds last; check with the CSE Engineering Department for this graduate scholarship application process.


$1,000 per year, for two years in total. 2nd year award if all criteria continue to be met.


  1. Student in Graduate Engineering
  2. Must be enrolled in Thesis-course and work with a faculty member
  3. Minimum GPA of 3.5


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