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Contract Administration


University contracts are developed within UHCL departments and reviewed by the Office of Contracts for subsequent processing. This is a collaborative, and very often iterative process that begins when an employee is asked to procure goods or services, and ends after a contract is fully executed and satisfactory performance has occurred. The Office of Contracts is available to assist any department by providing guidance on contract types and supplementary data required – each contract is unique and as technology changes the way vendors offer goods and services our contracting process may also evolve. We fulfill the University mission by helping you obtain the myriad tools that make you successful. Please reach out.

Important to Know

The Contract cover sheet, required by UH system Office of Contract Administration is tantamount to a checklist for contracts they review. It requires the contracting department to certify that: (1) is responsible for the contract, (2) has submitted a complete package, (3) accepts the terms and conditions, (4) lists UHCL as the contracting party, (5) uses the proper procurement method, (6) confirms that a SPA or SCA is being used, and that (7) risk management approves any and all insurance changes in the document.

OCA CoversheetOCA Instructions

In addition, UHCL follows SAM 03.A.05 in full compliance with UH system contract rules, and the Contract Administration Guide is our policy.

Contract Administration Guide


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