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Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Operations

Mission Essential Task

Provide safe, reliable and efficient utilities to the university. Ensuring outstanding customer service with a responsibility for resources and to the environment.


Central Plant Operations ensures reliable operations of all Central Plant equipment and systems responsible for producing chilled and hot water for building cooling and heating needs. Central Plant operators also provide after-hours emergency maintenance.

We are committed to creating a comfortable work environment with a focus on reducing utility costs. To achieve both objectives, we have established an acceptable standard range (72-76° F) for temperatures in university buildings.

Acceptable Temperature Range

Acceptable temperature control is in the range of 72-76° F and a relative humidity of 20%-60%. Central air-conditioning problems (room too hot or too cold) are handled by Systems Operations at extension 2240.  Please leave a voicemail as the messages are checked frequently.

Air Conditioning and Heating Information

All HVAC problems are serviced by HVAC Operators/Mechanics. Please enter a Work Request and a determination will be made whether request will be billed back to department through an IDT and what means are needed for the repair. All HVAC problems including services for refrigerators, freezers, exhaust fans and vent hoods are provided by FMC air-conditioning and refrigeration mechanics or approved contractors.


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