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Administrative Services

Mission Essential Task

To provide support to FMC by maintaining budgets, accounting, personnel, supplies and customer service.


Administrative Services provides services to assist the other FMC departments in their mission to maintain university buildings and grounds. We provide purchasing, materials handling, budgeting and accounting, and administrative support to the division and customer service to the university community. Through our storeroom, we purchase and provide all of the supplies and materials needed for the Custodial, Grounds, Building Maintenance, Central Plant and Scheduling departments. We also provide all of our departments with uniforms and safety equipment.

Our department provides customer service by routing calls, maintaining a work order system and assisting people in using it as well as taking emergency needs via the telephone. We also contact the equipment maintenance contractors for callout services.

To make sure we are providing the best customer service possible, we take in the customer service surveys and route complaints and corrective requests to our department directors or supervisors. Maintaining and reconciling all cost centers and budgets for the division is handled as well. We maintain the division's file server and provide basic computer support and assistance to our FMC staff.

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