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University Committees

UHCL students are encouraged to participate in shaping the direction and focus of the university by joining various committees and advisory boards. Through service, students have an opportunity to:

  • Be an advocate for student concerns.
  • Network with faculty and top-ranking administrators.
  • Help make decisions for student advancement.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Student Involvement and Leadership at


Students with good academic standing should apply, but the number of positions they can hold is limited.

Should an unexpected vacancy occur in a shared governance committee, additional elections will be scheduled. Appointments by the Executive Council will be made to fill in vacancies for general committees, advisory boards, and hearing panels.

Time Commitment

Time commitments vary with the workload of the committee during particular times of the year. Some committees only meet once per month while others meet twice per month. Students would be expected to:

  • Attend 1-2 committee meetings - 2 to 4 hours/month

  • Solicit SG and student body input - 4 hours/month

  • Submit monthly reports to SG - 0.5 hour/month

  • Serve a one-year term of office
    With exception of the 2, two-year representatives for the Student Life Council

Shared Governance Committees

Shared Governance Committee representatives are elected in April.

Facilities and Support Services Committee (FSSC)

The FSSC has the responsibility of dealing with issues involving university and other constituent facilities, space needs, parking issues and policies, as well as computing and library needs. FSSC makes recommendations on these issues to the University Council.

Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC)

The PBC has the responsibility of coordinating all university-wide planning and budgeting activities as well as oversight of university assessment and fundraising. PBC reviews and recommends their various plans and their associated resource needs to the University Council.

University Life Committee (ULC)

The ULC considers all matters relating to personnel and student life in the university community. ULC makes recommendations on these matters to the University Council. Specifically, the responsibilities of the ULC are university-wide policies (such as smoking, sexual harassment, etc.), student policies, and safety, health, and quality of life issues.

General University Committees

General University Committee representatives are elected in September.

International Education Fee Award Committee

The International Education Fee Award Committee awards merit based grants for UHCL students to study abroad. The committee meets frequently in the fall and spring semesters. Student representatives may not sit on this committee if applying for the award.

Parking/Traffic Safety Sub-Committee

The Parking/Traffic Safety Sub-Committee is a standing sub-committee of the FSSC with the responsibility to coordinate with the administration and related units of the university for oversight of planning, maintenance, and correction of parking and traffic safety matters at the university including parking-related fees. The sub-committee makes recommendations to the FSSC and is responsible for widely informing and involving all affected constituents in its deliberations and approved actions. This sub-committee does not deal with traffic citation appeals.

Piper Award Committee

The Piper Award Committee selects teaching excellence awards through a campus-wide nomination process. The committee meets frequently throughout the fall semester, but does not meet in the spring. December graduates are eligible to serve on this committee.

Space Allocation and Utilization Sub-Committee

The Space Allocation and Utilization Sub-Committee (SAUS) is a standing sub-committee of FSSC which oversees space allocation and utilization, including the construction of new space. The sub-committee makes recommendations to FSSC on issues involving academic space or a reallocation of space between schools or component authorities.

Advisory Committees and Board

Advisory Committee representatives are elected in September.

Bookstore Advisory Committee

The Bookstore Advisory Committee is responsible for providing feedback and recommendations to the bookstore manager and to the Executive Director of Operations, on the products and services offered by the UHCL bookstore. In addition, the committee will act as a liaison between faculty and bookstore staff in regard to textbook orders.

Food Services Advisory Committee

The Food Services Advisory Committee is responsible for providing feedback and recommendations to the Director of Campus Dining Services and to the Executive Director of Operations on the products and services offered by the food service contractor, including the cafeteria, vending machines, and catering services.

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee is a standing advisory committee for the FSSC. This committee is responsible for providing feedback and recommendations to the FSSC and the Executive Director of the Neumann Library on issues pertaining to the library.

Appointment by the SG Executive Council

Hearing panels are called when disciplinary cases arise in a variety of areas of campus life and are formed throughout the academic year. Appointments will be made and trainings will be conducted as needed.

Students, faculty and staff serve in a pool of interested candidates for service on an actual hearing panel. Should the need arise, pool members are notified and the following panels are formed to hear each case.

  • Academic Honesty Hearing Panel
  • Non-Discrimination Grievance Hearing Panel
  • Ad hoc Committees throughout the year
  • Unexpected vacancies throughout the year
Apply to Join a Committee

Interested in joining a committee? Please fill out the application linked below. 

Committee Application


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    Advisor: Erica Njoku
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