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Student Government Association

Your School. Your Voice.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is involved with student organizations, funding and general events/programs on campus. The Senate is concerned about issues pertaining to the betterment of UHCL students. We welcome your interest and participation at SGA and Senate meetings.

SGA Meetings

SGA meetings are held every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. during fall and spring semesters. Meetings are open to all interested students. The SGA is composed of representatives from each of the recognized student organizations. Come voice your opinions and concerns at our open-forum styled SGA meetings where:

  1. Student organizations and university offices promote their  events/programs that encourage an active campus life. If you would like to speak at an SGA Meeting, please fill out a request.

  2. Fund requests and expenditures are considered and reviewed.

      Fund Request Details

    SGA receives funds from Student Services fees every academic year. This allocation is used for sponsoring events that compliment further development of recognized student organizations.

    Expenditures include speakers, seminars, workshops, special events, and conference travel and can be found in the SGA constitution on our Forms page.

    Fill out the following forms to make a fund request:


    Under no circumstances does SGA fund more than 45% of the total cost of a travel event or more than 50% of the total cost of any on-campus event.

    • Eligibility: Organizations eligible for SGA funding must attend at least 51% of regularly scheduled meetings.
    • Presentations: Organizations requesting under $399 are required to present one fund request presentation. Organizations requesting $400 or more must present twice and should amend their request depending on what occurs during the first presentation.
    • Voting: A quorum (50% + 1) of SGA members from recognized student organizations must be in attendance to conduct official business and pass requests.
    • Post-Vote: If an organization's fund request is passed, they must contact the SGA adviser on the process of being reimbursed for their expenses no later than two weeks after the event takes place.

Senate Meetings

Senate meetings are held monthly during fall and spring semesters. Meetings are open to the UHCL Community. The SGA Senate is composed of elected student representatives from each of UHCL colleges and the Council of Student Organizations. The Senate focuses on problem areas for students and improvements/upgrades that would benefit students.

Please submit a request to speak at SGA Senate Meeting two weeks in advance if you have a particular concern or recommendation.