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What Is SG?

The Student Government (SG) is UHCL's student government body and official student representative organization. It includes representatives from all registered student organizations, the Executive Council and the Senate. SG's four primary purposes are to:

  • Advocate for and speak on behalf of the student body at large.
  • Provide input to university administration on student and organizational issues.
  • Elect/appoint students to university committees.
  • Allocate funds to the student organizations.

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The Student Government shares the goal of the University of Houston-Clear Lake to produce students who are satisfied with their university experience and who are afforded the widest opportunities with that experience. The Student Government recognizes the need to provide a more responsive environment for students entering academia. Therefore, the mission of the Student Government, as it relates to the strategic design of the university, is to join the university in its efforts to create a climate which fosters academic excellence as well as professional development.


Student Government advocates to create an environment that is diverse, equitable, inclusive, accessible and anti-racist. At UHCL we cultivate a community where all are encouraged to speak, grow, and take action.

SG Executive Council

Elected by a majority vote, four officers comprise the SG Executive Council (EC) for a one-year term of office, commencing on the day of the Annual Student Leadership Banquet, which is normally held in late April. Like other SG reps, SG EC officers must officially represent a registered UHCL student organization.

2021 - 2022 SG Executive Council

j scates, President

jasara “j” scates, returned to the University of Houston - Clear Lake (UHCL) in 2018, after spending twelve years working with middle school students in the social services field. Certified as a Master Trainer through the Texas Education Agency, j spent nine years as a trainer for a non-profit agency in the Houston area. As a student leader and Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (SDEI) Student Ambassador, j has worked to make UHCL more inclusive through student advocacy projects regarding accessibility, Universal Design and being a trauma-informed campus, student outreach and programming, Title IX, equitable dining, and housing insecurity. This advocacy work led j to participate in the Student Government at various levels and this year, 2021-2022, they will serve as the SG President. j is a post-baccalaureate student and intends to continue their graduate-level studies in which they seek to merge the field of sociolinguists and social work to further reduce internalized and systemic oppression. 

Ganesh Nyaupane, Vice President - Committee Coordinator

Ganesh is a graduate student majoring in Computer Science from University of Houston, Clear Lake. He graduated with a Computer Science and Engineering major in the year 2020 from MLR Institute of Technology, India. He strongly believes in serving the student community and helping the students to get their voices heard. Before taking up this role, he was serving as a secretary and student intern at Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship for MLR Institute of Technology. He is a person with a great progressive attitude holding a motive towards his goal and career. His major focus is to work on building a process for committee representatives and helping the university to get the students' feedback on various aspects.

Crystal Woodcock, Vice President - Outreach & Communication

Crystal Woodcock is a biology major with a specialization in pre-health entering her third year at UHCL. This is her first year in the Student Government. Mrs. Woodcock currently serves as the Vice President of Outreach and Communication. Mrs. Woodcock also serves as the student co-chair for the ECO Hawks committee. Prior to this she served in officer positions in the organizations Society of Future Medical Professionals, Society for Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science, and Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority Inc. 

Mrs. Woodcock is a non-traditional and first generation student. She has served eight years in the Navy prior to becoming a student at UHCL. She is married and has two dogs, Sasha and Stella. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and spending time outdoors.

Brandon Woodcock, Vice President - Administration

Brandon Woodcock is a junior majoring in Biology-Pre-Health. Brandon is a pre-medical student who enjoys spending time outdoors, the art of bonsai, and long distance running.

The 2021-2022 academic year is Brandon's second year being involved in the Student Government. He previously served as the Vice President – Outreach & Communication. Brandon is currently serving as the student body Vice President of Administration. He is excited to work within the UHCL community and be an advocate for all students.

SG Senate

The goal of the Senate is to bring positive change to campus. Senators actively listen to and engage with UHCL students to explore problem areas and improvement/upgrades that would benefit the student body.

2021 – 2022 SG Senators

The SG Senate is elected by the student body and consists of 25 students:

  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from each college
  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from the Council of Organizations

Below are the Senators as of September 2021.

College of Business

Soledad Garcia, undergraduate
Vacant Position, undergraduate
Vacant Position, undergraduate
Toriana Durham, graduate
Vacant, graduate

College of Education

Cassius Evergreen, undergraduate
Vacant Position, undergraduate
Vacant Position, undergraduate
Wesley Hemenas, graduate

Wesley Hemenas is a graduate student at UHCL. He is pursuing a master's degree in Administration and Supervision in Education. He became a senator for the Student Government because loves to serve people and promote everyone's voice. His vision is that everyone finds their own path to success with support and care for their well-being. Therefore, if you need anything or for someone to speak up for you, please contact Wesley at hemenasw3570@uhcl.edu (school email).

Vacant Position, graduate

College of Human Sciences and Humanities

Ruth Lass, undergraduate 
Empress-Akira Sullivan, undergraduate

Empress-Akira Sullivan is a sophomore, pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and is soon to double major in Behavioral Sciences or communications. She is a military brat, who loves traveling around the world, spending time with her dogs Lyndzie and Leighlah, watching movies, playing golf and pursuing creative writing in her free time.
Empress-Akira Sullivan is the College of Human Sciences and Humanities undergraduate senator, and this will be her first year being a senate member. She is excited to be a leader at UHCL and strongly believes in advocating for others.

Vacant, undergraduate
Dane Burgos, graduate
Vacant Position, graduate

College of Science and Computer Engineering

Helga Schmidt, undergraduate

Helga Schmidt is in her junior year at UHCL. She is majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Development and Computer Forensics. Additionally, Helga is pursuing a minor in Cybersecurity.

Helga joined CAB to pursue her passion for graphic design as well as her love of photography, event planning and promotion. In an effort to further explore these passions, Helga is actively involved in the Student Alumni Association as well as the Art Association. In addition, she is eager to support UHCL students as an SG College of Science and Engineering Senator. She looks forward to bringing new ideas, changes and resources to UHCL that benefit students and the institution. Further, Helga has a passion for supporting students with children as her two children and husband are who she values most.

Faisal Syed, undergraduate
Pedro Barros, undergraduate
Dhruv Trivedi, graduate
Vacant Position, graduate

Council of Student Organizations

Vacant, undergraduate
Vacant, undergraduate
Vacant Position, undergraduate
Vacant Position, graduate
Vacant Position, graduate

SG Directors

Priyanka Kumari, Internal Affairs Director

My name is Priyanka Kumari, a master of Computer Science student at UHCL. I am the director of internal affairs at the Student Government (SG). I am currently working as Student Assistant II at Member Services, Campus Recreation and Wellness. I like to solve problems, so don't hesitate to contact me if anyone has any issues or suggestions related to UHCL.

Alexis Staropoli, Special Events Director

Alexis Staropoli is a sophomore majoring in Business Marketing. Alexis enjoys the outdoors and exploring the world. Some of her favorite activities are dirt bike riding, snowmobiling, wakeboarding, and traveling. She has been to 29 states and visited Costa Rica.
The 2021-2022 academic year will be Alexis’s first year being involved in Student Government. Alexis is currently serving as the Director of Special events and is excited to work with the students and the UHCL community to be involved and to have a fun year!

Ichha Manandhar, Technology Director

Ichha Manandhar is an undergraduate senior at UHCL majoring in computer science and minoring in cybersecurity. Ichha is extremely passionate about technology and making sure that students have a voice on their campus. Ichha was a senator for the College of Science and Engineering last academic year, 2020 - 2021. Ichha is currently a Web Design and Social Media Intern at SUPERGirls SHINE Foundation and a Digital Marketing Intern for the Open For Business program at HCC. Ichha hopes to make a positive impact in the world through the advancement of technology. Ichha is also the President of SGSF Chapter at UHCL and the Event Coordinator Chair for Pathways to STEM Careers organization.

An interesting fun fact about Ichha is that she is from Nepal and is passionate about volunteering and helping people. After graduating from UHCL, Ichha aspires to attend graduate school to obtain her master's degree in computer science.  

Kevin Nieves, Treasury Director

Kevin Nieves is an incoming junior into the professional accounting program at UHCL's College of Business. He is a transfer student from San Jacinto College, where he earned his AA of Business in May 2021. While at SJC, Kevin served as the Secretary for the Phi Beta Lambda chapter in 2019-2020. He also assisted the officers of the First Generation org. Kevin has six years of work experience in the pharmacy and recently completed a summer internship. He is currently an active member of the Accounting Association chapter and Beta Alpha Psi chapter at UHCL. Kevin is excited to see what this new semester on campus has in store.

His focus is to encourage student involvement in a diverse scope of areas that directly impact UHCL students. He supports initiatives that work to improve the overall learning experience at the university by creating a more inclusive culture for all students. He'll be assisting the SG Executive Council by maintaining the allocated funds, processing fund requests, providing advice on financial matters, and collaborating with the Executive Council. He'll be serving as the Treasury Director reporting directly to the VP of Administration.

Shared Governance Committee Members

Student Government-appointed university committee members help shape UHCL's priorities and projects.

Isabella Cardona, University Life Committee

My name is Isabella Cardona and I am a representative for the University Life Committee. I’m majoring in Legal Studies.

Jennifer Beamer, Faculty Support Services Committee

My name is Jen Beamer. I am a representative of the Shared Governance 
Committee. I participate in the Faculty Support Services committee. I am in the The Mascot Program & I am a member of the Christian club on campus. I am always willing to help as the need arises, and I am super friendly. Hebrews 11:1 Faith is sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


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