About SGA

What Is SGA?

SGA is UHCL's student government body and official student representative organization. It includes representatives from all recognized student organizations, the Executive Council and the Senate. SGA's four primary purpose is to:

  • Advocate for and speak on behalf of the student body at large.
  • Provide input to university administration on student and organizational issues.
  • Elect/appoint students to university committees.
  • Allocate funds to the student organizations.

SGA Executive Council

Elected by a majority vote, four officers comprise the SGA Executive Council (EC) for a one-year term of office, commencing on the day of the annual Student Life Banquet, which is normally held in late April. Like other SGA reps, SGA EC officers must officially represent a recognized UHCL student organization.

2019 - 2020 SGA Executive Council

  Mohamed AbdelGilil, President

Mohamed AbdelGilil is a senior majoring in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Health and Physiology with a minor in Chemistry.  Mohamed hopes to one day become a Physician.  

Mohamed has previously served as the SGA Vice President of Outreach and Communications during the academic year of 2017 - 2018.  Through this position, Mohamed helped to develop the Discounts 4 Hawks program, increased outreach efforts to the student body, and conducted a successful annual Galveston County Food Drive.  Mohamed decided to run for SGA President because he believes that more can be done for the student body, and has initivatives planned that he believes would benefit UHCL students.  

Mohamed is actively involved in many student organizations on campus.  Mohamed served as Vice President and Pre-Med chair for the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society, is a member of the Model Arab League Student Organization, and is the founder and President of the Society of Future Medical Professionals.  

  Ximena Flandes, Vice President - Committee Coordinator

Ximena Flandes is a senior majoring in Biology with a Physiology emphasis.  Ximena plans to continue her education by pursuing a Biomedical graduate degree.  

Ximena decided to run for the Student Government Association as the Committee Coordinator to provide leadership and professional development opportunities to students, empowering them to share their concerns and ideas across the campus through committees.  

Outside of SGA, Ximena's involvement has included being the Director of Hawks 4 Community in the academic year 2018-2019, Secretary of HACER (now LISTA), Orientation Leader, and Vice President of Social Media and Marketing for Empower: Women's Leadership.  Currently, Ximena holds leadership positions in the Lettuce Club and Pathways to STEM Careers.

Ximena is forever grateful for the Hawk Leadership Institute and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership for their continuous support to student engagement and leadership education. 


  Ashlyn Vaughn, Vice President - Outreach & Communication

Ashlyn Vaughn is currently a junior majoring in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship.  In the future, she plans to continue her education by pursuing a Masters in Business Administration and dreams of one day starting her own non-profit organization.  

Ashlyn serves as the Vice President - Outreach and Communication, a position she decided to pursue because she wanted to advocate for the students at UHCL.  It is her priority while in office to ensure that the student's voices do not go unheard and community outreach remains a top priority.  She is excited to build onto and better the foundation of SGA by working on new policies that better serve the students.  Ashlyn is passionate about facilitating the SGA Food Drive along with increasing efforts through servant leadership.  

Ashlyn is involved in the Hawks 4 Health student organization where she serves as the Director of Internal Affairs and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship where she serves as the SGA representative.  Ashlyn is also a member of the Society of Future Medical Professionals and University Christian Fellowship.  


  Hiba Loya, Vice President - Administration

Hiba Loya is a junior majoring in Management with an emphasis on Leadership.  

The 2019-2020 academic year is Hiba's first year being involved in the Student Government Association.  Hiba is excited to serve as the Vice President - Administration and looks forward to the new leadership learning experience.  

Hiba currently serves as the student advisor and SGA representative for the Hawks 4 Health student organization and has also been involved in the Legal Studies Association.  

SGA Senate

The goal of the Senate is to bring positive change to campus. Senators actively listen to and engage with UHCL students to explore problem areas and improvement/upgrades that would benefit the student body.

2019 – 2020 SGA Senators

The SGA Senate is elected by the student body and consists of 25 students:

  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from each college
  • Three (3) undergraduates and two (2) graduates from the Council of Organizations

Below are the Senators as of September 2019

  College of Business
  • Leslie Chappa, undergraduate
  • Karrie Ann Brand, undergraduate
  • Vacant Position, undergraduate
  • Aparajita Mathur, graduate
  • Jonathan Cantu, graduate
  College of Education
  • Leslie Lenio, undergraduate
  • Paula Randolph, undergraduate
  • Rhianna Barber, undergraduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
  College of Human Sciences and Humanities
  • Giuliana Lucchesi, undergraduate 
  • Angel Palomares, undergraduate
  • Shah Rukh Lalani, undergraduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
  College of Science and Computer Engineering
  • Wasif Syed, undergraduate
  • Laila Basyouni, undergraduate
  • Sheeva Baghalian, undergraduate
  • Aaron DeLafuante, graduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
  Council of Student Organizations
  • Sheridan Allison, undergraduate
  • Seshank Alluri, graduate
  • Vacant Position, undergraduate
  • Vacant Position, undergraduate
  • Vacant Position, graduate
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