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Student Leadership Retreat

Each spring, UHCL Hawks who are looking to soar as student leaders can participate in an immersive overnight leadership experience. Through the program, you will explore various leadership concepts and think critically, create community, practice team building, and commit to being an exemplary leader.

Students speaking in a small group on campus

Why Participate?

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills
  • Create a community of like-minded student leaders
  • Network with student leaders of other student organizations and make connections
  • Engage in fun activities and games off campus

"The retreat helped me become more confident in myself to speak up and made me feel as if my voice mattered as much as everyone else's."
- Seleana Moore, Attendee

How to Participate

Registration for the Annual Student Leadership Retreat is now open.

Due to the off-campus nature of the overnight retreat, a $25 fee is required of all student attendees.

Register for the Student Leadership Retreat

Student Testimonials 

"The retreat was a great experience in teaching how to work with other people from different walks of life." -Troy Rudd, Attendee

"Meeting so many new people who cared about leadership and community service as much as I do was definitely my favorite part of the retreat!" -Audri Slowey, Attendee

"I took a step forward in my leadership journey and made a lot of connections with people who had mutual goals." -Adir Cuello, Attendee


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