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Housing Policies and Procedures

This page contains highlighted information pertaining to policies and procedures for Hunter Hall residents and guests. For additional information, please review our Living Guide document.

Applying for Housing

Once you are fully admitted to UHCL, please visit and login to the UHCL Housing Application System and follow the on-screen instructions. More information is also available on applying to Hunter Hall.

The University of Houston-Clear Lake has a contractual obligation with Campus Living Villages USA that requires us to assign students to University Forest Apartments (UFA) before we assign them to Hunter Hall. However, students may reject the assignment to University Forest Apartments (UFA) within the Housing system, in which case we will assign them to Hunter Hall.

There is no official deadline to apply for housing. However, we encourage all students to apply early.


Residents may request a housing accommodation by first contacting the Accessibility Support Center. The Accessibility Support Center will work with the resident to turn in any and all necessary documentation to support the housing accommodation request. The Accessibility Support Center will then reach out to Student Housing and Residential Life (SHRL) with approval/denial on the recommended housing accommodation. SHRL will follow up with the Accessibility Support Center, who will then close the communication loop with the resident. 

For inquiries on having a service animal in Hunter Hall, please review our Service Animal Agreement and follow the accommodation process as outlined above. For policy information surrounding service animals, please review SAM 01.D.12 - Service Animals

For inquiries on having an emotional support animal in Hunter Hall, please review our Emotional Support Animal Agreement. For policy information surrounding emotional support animals, please review SAM 01.D.11 - Emotional Support Animals

Alcohol and Drugs

Residents and guests, regardless of age, are not permitted to use, distribute, and/or sell alcohol and/or other drugs in Hunter Hall. This includes entering Hunter Hall under the influence of and/or with an odor due to alcohol and/0ther drugs. 

Should staff see and/or locate the presence of alcohol and/or other drugs in a room/suite, staff will remove and dispose of the alcohol and/or other drugs. The Police Department will be contacted during drug-related incidents.

Fire Safety

Intentional false activation of the fire alarm system, or activation through an unapproved activity (e.g. smoking, candles, open flame cooking equipment, sports/horseplay, etc.) is prohibited. Residents must evacuate Hunter Hall after the activation of the fire alarm and/or following the directives of University and/or emergency personnel. In addition, plug-in air fresheners are prohibited in Hunter Hall.


Residents are responsible for their guests and their guests' behavior in Hunter Hall. Residents must remain with their guests at all times. Residents are permitted to have one guest in their room, per person, at all times, due to fire code requirements.

Health and Welfare

Residents must maintain their living spaces, common areas, and restroom facilities in their original conditions; clean, unaltered, and hazard-free. Resident's room/suite conditions will be assessed for damages and cleaning fees after their official check-out. This helps us to maintain the Hunter Hall facility and ensure the safety of residents and their guests.

Meal Plans

All Hunter Hall residents are required to have a minimum $1,500.00 Dining Dollar meal plan, for each fall and spring semester. This meal plan charge will be automatically placed onto the student account. Dining Dollar meal plan options include $1,500.00 and $2,100.00. Residents will also be able to add onto their meal plan (minimum of $50.00), at any time throughout the semester. Meal Plan selection occurs each January and July.


Although some noise is to be expected, residents must refrain from making excessive noise and/or engaging in disruptive behavior that causes a disturbance to other members of the community, during established quiet hours or any other time of day. This is to help ensure that all residents are able to study, sleep, and thrive throughout the community.

Occupancy/Use of Residential Facilities

Unauthorized occupancy of a living space or use of residential facilities, including, but not limited to; cohabitation, subletting, altering the physical structure of the room/suite without approval, remaining present if maintenance work is occurring after temporary space has been assigned, and/or providing laundry facility access to non-residents. 

Open Flames & Flammable Materials

Open flames and/or other flammable materials are not permitted in Hunter Hall. Some examples include, but are not limited to; candles, candle warmers, wax melts or warmers, incense, smoking, live trees, hot plates, lighter fluid, all forms of grills, and other appliances with an open heat source. In addition, plug-in air fresheners are prohibited in Hunter Hall. This is to help ensure the safety of all residents, their guests, and the facility as a whole. 


Residents are able to park on campus next to Hunter Hall. Parking spots are available on a first come, first serve basis, during any given time of the year. Residents must secure a parking permit through Parking and Transportation and following all parking policies and regulations at all times.


Residents are not permitted to have pets in Hunter Hall, with the exception of non-carnivorous fish in a 5-gallon (or less) fish tank.

Service animals and emotional support animals, pre-approved by both Accessibility Support Center and Student Housing and Residential Life, are permitted in Hunter Hall. Please see the "Accommodations" section on this page. Proper documentation will be required and collected.


Smoking is prohibited in Hunter Hall. For more information regarding smoking on campus, please consult the UHCL Tobacco Free Campus policy.


Intentionally, recklessly or negligently causing damage to University property, an individual, or another individual's property, is prohibited in Hunter Hall.

Weapons & Dangerous Materials

Residents are prohibited to display, possess, use or show intent to use firearms, ammunitions, bows, arrows, swords, decorative swords, explosives, firecrackers, fireworks, smoke bombs, flammable chemicals, combustibles, or other weapons (BB guns, pellet guns, air/CO2 guns, paint or blow guns, martial arts weapons, toy guns, squirt guns, etc.) in Hunter Hall. Residents may use culinary knives in the community kitchen area for cooking purposes. 


  • Student Housing and Residential Life

    Phone: 281-283-2615

    Hunter Hall
    635 Bayou Road
    Houston, TX 77058-1002

    Office hours:
    Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.