Meet the Staff

Our caring Student Housing and Residential Life (SHRL) team is made up of 7 Resident Advisers, 1 Residential Life Coordinator, and 1 Director. Together, we work closely with on and off-campus partners to support the students we serve in Hunter Hall. From assisting students grappling with their college journey to connecting students to their campus community, we are here to help ensure our students are able to LiveLearn, and Engage

Administrative Staff

Director, Student Housing and Residential Life
Matthew Perry

Matthew transitioned to UHCL in mid-January from the University of Toledo. His education and background includes degrees in Higher Education: Administration (Master's) and Spanish (Bachelor's), with a wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding housing, residential life, and diversity and inclusion. Matthew is responsible for implementing a comprehensive, living-learning residential life program that provides students with a safe and inclusive living environment, high-impact experiences, and opportunities for growth. Aside from his passion of engaging and supporting residential students, he enjoys playing tennis, music, and exploring new cultures and places.

Residential Life Coordinator

SHRL is currently hiring for this new position.

Student Staff

Resident Adviser
Kyndhal Stewart

Kyndhal is a Biology major in the College of Science and Engineering. She is actively engaged on campus through volunteering with the Black Student Association and The History Club, to name a few. Outside of school, she serves as a Hebrew teacher and enjoys rollerskating, rollercoasters, and making natural hair care products.  

"I am most excited about making the residence hall feel like home and putting some personal spins on it!"

Resident Adviser
José Alvarez Gonzalez

José is a Biology major with a Chemistry minor in the College of Science and Engineering. When not volunteering with the Society of Future Medical Professionals or in the research lab, he enjoys playing rugby and classic guitar.

"I am excited to have the chance to learn and coexist with a diverse group of people, while helping current and incoming students on their path to success."

Resident Adviser
Anna Goodman

Anna is a History major with a double minor in Art History and Museum Studies in the College of Human Sciences and Humanities. When not engaging with the gamer guild on campus, she enjoys reading, sewing, knitting, and crafting.

"I am excited to be a Resident Adviser and look forward to fostering a community in Hunter Hall where students are able to relax and just enjoy each other's company."

Resident Adviser
Hannan Khan

Hannan is a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry in the College of Science and Engineering. Aside from working as a pharmacy technician at HEB pharmacy, he is a proud member of HFH, MSA, and SFMP. He enjoys reading, studying religions, playing competitive games, and chilling with friends.

"I am extremely excited because it's a new aspect to life on campus and I am getting to meet new people!"

Resident Adviser
Sarah Russell

Sarah is a Legal Studies major through the College of Business. She is looking forward to bringing her passions and values of equality, understanding, and continual growth to the Resident Adviser position, in hopes of creating a close-knit community in which all students can thrive. Her interests include politics, philosophy, gaming, art, writing, and fashion.

"Be prepared for spontaneous movie nights, game night, and even fun activities off-campus!"

Resident Adviser
Joshua Garcia

Joshua is currently working towards a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Education. With a concentration in Core Subjects EC-6 with an ESL certification, he aspires to become a teacher. When not studying, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging out with family.

"I'm excited about making new friends and am looking forward to helping build a safe and positive community within Hunter Hall."

Resident Adviser
Jocelyn Smith

Jocelyn is majoring in Biological Science with a focus on Cell/Molecular/Biotechnology in the College of Science and Engineering. When not volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, she enjoys binging Netflix, spending time outdoors, taking photographs, and working with animals.

"The most exciting thing about being an RA in Hunter Hall is I get to embrace diversity and help create a welcoming and inclusive home for everyone."

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