Mathematics Faculty Research Interests

Mathematics majors will work with faculty whose research interests include:

  • Algebras and Lattice-ordered Rings;
  • Mathematical Neuroscience, dynamical Systems, Symmetry and Bifurcations;
  • Mathematics Education, Teacher Change, Reform Curricula and Curricular Implementation;
  • Discrete and Convex Geometry, Minkowski Geometry and its applications;
  • Stochastic control, Operations research, Financial engineering;
  • Steklov eigenproblems, Boundary value problems, Numerical partial differential equations.

Statistics Faculty Research Interests

Statistics majors will work with faculty whose research interests include:

  • Data Mining
  • Experimental Designs
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Spatial Statistics
  • Statistical Computing and its Applications
  • Survival Analysis

Facilities and Student Support

Students are free to work in the department’s well-maintained computer lab, where many math and statistics software applications are installed on each machine. Typically, every graduate student can apply for some financial support while working as a Teaching Assistant (TA).


  • Department of Mathematics and Statistics

    Pati Gibson
    Administrative Assistant II
    Phone: 281-283-3720