Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Why Study Mathematics or Statistics? Infinite Career Opportunities!

The number one attribute employers want their employees to have is strong problem-solving skills. With a degree from the University of Houston-Clear Lake's Department of Mathematics and Statistics, your resume will signal to employers that you are a great problem-solver. Aside from being excellent training to become a statistician, researcher, actuary, educator, accountant, or computer programmer, these degrees will enable you to excel in almost any government or private industry career field. 

For careers that are consistently in the highest demand according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, all of the top five – Computer System Analyst, Computer Programmer, Actuary, Software Engineer, and Mathematician – look for strong mathematics background in all prospective recruits. Since the UHCL campus is located close to headquarters and facilities for energy and chemical companies, the world-class Texas Medical Center, and NASA Johnson’s Space Center, you would be conveniently located for potential internship and employment opportunities.

Our Programs and the Degrees We Offer

The department is home to the mathematics program and the statistics program, which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. Specifically, the programs offer a Master of Science in Mathematical Science, a Master of Science in Statistics, a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science. Minors in actuarial science, mathematics, and statistics are also available.


Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students pursuing a mathematics degree have the opportunity to:

  • Focus on applied mathematics, pure mathematics, or an equal balance of both;
  • Choose a degree plan that will lead to a teaching certification;
    Follow an Actuarial Science subplan that will prepare you for actuarial examinations;
  • Join the Mathematics Scholars plan to earn both a B.S. and M.S. in 5 years;
  • Or, enjoy the flexibility with general electives that our degree plans provide.

Graduate Students

Graduate students pursuing a mathematics degree may choose a subplan, specializing in:

  • Computational and applied mathematics;
  • Or, mathematics education (from K-12 to higher education).



About the Mathematics and Statistics Department

The Mathematics and Statistics Department provides the opportunity to build a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and the applications of these disciplines. Over 100 students are currently pursuing degrees in our programs, but our smaller class environment offers students the opportunity for more interaction with our 14 full-time faculty members. The discipline-specific courses our mathematics and statistics majors take typically have 30 students or less. Even our introductory courses have no more than 50 students compared to 300 at larger universities. This is the kind of environment where professors will see you on campus and greet you by name. 


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