Co-operative Education

Course Name

BIOT 5915 Cooperative Education Work Term

Description & Credit Hours

Educational paid work assignment in a biotechnology company or laboratory, 1-credit hour.

Student Benefits

Gain experience in a your Biotechnology concentration area Receive academic credit (elective) Develop professional skills while you earn money Build a network of industry contacts Enhance prospects of a permanent job.

Requirements and Information

Visit the Co-operative Education Website from Careers Services.

International Students

Co-op is considered Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for international students and is available to those with the F-1 visa status. To participate, students with the F-1 visa status must first complete one academic year of consecutive fulltime enrollment in a U.S. school. International Students with F-1 visa status must refer to the Career Services websites for specific on their work plan options, visa status, and wage taxation. For more information, talk to an International Advisor at 281-283-2740.

Employers, Websites and Programs

Contact Information | Coordinator

Prospective Co-op students may direct inquiries to the Co-op Coordinator or the Cop-op Assistant in Career Services

Ms. Luisa Beck, Career Services
SSCB 3109
Phone: 281-283-2588
Fax: 281.283.2602


Co-op Frequently Asked Questions