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Compact With Texans

University of Houston-Clear Lake is an educational institution with a distinct identity, whose primary role is to provide fair and equitable learning opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students. The university serves a diverse student population from the state, the nation, and abroad, particularly from the Houston-Galveston metropolitan area, by offering programs on and off campus.

The university's faculty, staff and administrators are committed to providing a humane, responsive and intellectually stimulating environment for productive learning and working. UHCL emphasizes:

  • Learning through teaching, research, scholarship, and professional and community service;
    the advancement of knowledge.
  • Delivery of educational opportunities through new instructional technologies and through distance learning.
  • A commitment to high academic standards.
  • Sensitivity to the needs of the students and communities served by the institution; and, above all, integrity in all institutional functions.

Solving Problems

UHCL encourages informal resolution of complaints as the most effective solution to problems. Before filing a formal complaint, individuals are encouraged to first discuss the situation directly with the other person involved and, then, with the other person's supervisor if a resolution has not been reached.

Individuals needing assistance with directing their complaints or understanding the proper procedures may consult with the Dean of Students.

Formal Complaint Process

Interface with UHCL customers occurs in three primary areas: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Administration & Finance. Complainants are invited to submit their complaints in writing, in person, via email or by telephone to the appropriate office, or to the university's customer service representative. Office names, on-campus building locations, box numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses are given below for offices in each of the three areas. Complaints in writing should be directed to the appropriate office using the specific office title and box number in the following address.

Office Title
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Box #___
Houston, TX 77058-1098

The university's customer service representative is as follows:

Berenice Webster
Executive Assistant to the President
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77058

Office location: Room 2521 Bayou Building
Phone: 281-283-2004
Fax: 281-283-2010
Email: president@uhcl.edu or webster@uhcl.edu 

The president has the ultimate responsibility for all concerns if satisfaction is not reached by addressing the problem with the appropriate department. Unresolved issues should be sent to:

Ira K. Blake, Ph.D., President
Office of the President
Attn: Berenice Webster
Executive Assistant to the President
Bayou Building, Suite 2521
Box 43
Phone: 281-283-2004
Fax: 281-283-2010
Email: president@uhcl.edu

The Customer Service Standards Act requires Texas higher education institutions to report on customer service on June 1st every even year. University of Houston-Clear lake publishes this information in the UHCL Academic Support Services Assessment (ASSA) survey report

  Complaints Regarding Student Affairs

Student Affairs offices report to the vice president for Student Affairs. Issues within the division's units can be taken to the Dean of Students.

Dean of Students Office
Attn: David Rachita, M.A.
SSCB 1201
Box 195
Phone: 281-283-2567
Fax: 281-283-2620
Email: rachita@uhcl.edu

To expedite the resolution process, complaints regarding a particular Student Affairs unit can also be addressed by contacting the office directly.

Counseling Services
SSCB 3103

Box 331
Phone: 281-283-2580
Fax: 281-283-2602

Dean of Students Office
which includes Orientation and New Student Programs, Pearland Student Services, Student Assistance Center, Student Housing and Residence Life
SSCB 1201
Box 195
Phone: 281-283-2567
Fax: 281-283-2620

Student Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
SSCB 1203
Box 194
Phone: 281-283-2575
Fax: 281-283-2564

Campus Recreation and Wellness
SSCB 1204
Box 198
Phone: 281-283-2331
Fax: 281-283-2566

Career Services
SSCB 3109
Box 331
Phone: 281-283-2590
Fax: 281-283-2602

Student Involvement and Leadership

SSCB 1204 
Box 198 
Phone: 281-283-2560 
Fax: 281-283-2566 
Email: studentlife@uhcl.edu

Student Publications
Bayou 1239
Box 456
Phone: 281-283-2572
Fax: 281-283-2569

Health Services
SSCB 1301
Box 260
Phone: 281-283-2626
Fax: 281-283-2964

Orientation and New Student Programs
SSCB 1202
Box 257
Phone: 281-283-2660
Fax: 281.283.2566

Student Conference for Research and Creative Arts
Bayou 1632
Email: goyarzu@uhcl.edu

Student Information and Assistance
SSCB 1201
Box 195
Phone: 281-283-2451

  Complaints Regarding Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs includes the faculty members, division chairs, college deans and central academic administration of UHCL, as well as Admissions, Academic Records, Institutional Effectiveness, the Neumann Library, Sponsored Programs and University Computing and Telecommunications.

Complaints regarding undergraduate and graduate programs should be directed to the Office of the Dean of the appropriate college. Information for each college is as follows:

Edward Waller, Ph.D.
College of Business
Bayou Building, Suite 2239
Box 385
Phone: 281-283-3100
Fax: 281-283-3951
Email: dean_bpa@uhcl.edu

Rick Short, Ph.D.
College of Human Sciences and Humanities
Bayou Building, Suite 1541
Box 416
Phone: 281-283-3300
Fax: 281-238-3405
Email: HSHadvising@uhcl.edu 

Joan Pedro, Ph.D.
Interim Dean
College of Education
Bayou Building, Suite 1237
Box 517
Phone: 281-283-3501
Fax: 281-283-3599
Email: education@uhcl.edu

Ju Hyo Kim, Ph.D.
Interim Dean 
College of Science and Engineering
Bayou Building, Suite 3611
Box 415
Phone: 281-283-3701
Fax: 281-283-3707
Email: SCEadvising@uhcl.edu 

Tim Richardson, Ph.D.
Interim AVP for Student Success Initiatives which includes Student Success Center, Math Center, Writing Center, and Disability Services
SSCB 3101.02
Box 195
Phone: 281-283-2452 
Fax: 281-283-2620
Email: studentsuccesscenter@uhcl.edu

Allen Cox, M.A.
Director of Math Center
Bayou 2127
Box 227
Phone: 281-283-2460
Fax: 281-226-7057
Email: cox@uhcl.edu

Gavin W. Steiger, M.Ed.
Director of Disability Services
SSCB 1301
Box 260
Phone: 281-283-2648
Fax: 281.283.2624
Email: steiger@uhcl.edu

Complaints regarding Academic Affairs services should be directed to the appropriate provider. Information for each Academic Affairs service provider is as follows:

Charlotte Tullos, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bayou Building, Suite 2525
Box 74
Phone: 281-283-3022
Fax: 281-283-3009
Email: tullos@uhcl.edu 

Vivienne McClendon
Executive Director
Neumann Library
Bayou Building, Suite 2402
Box 229
Phone: 281-283-3930
Fax: 281-283-3937
Email: library@uhcl.edu 

Nancy Devino
Executive Director
Sponsored Programs
Bayou Building, Suite 2531
Box 44
Phone: 281-283-3016
Fax: 281-283-2143

Holly Nolan 
Executive Director 
Office of Student Financial Aid
SSCB, Suite 1105
Box 5
Phone: 281-283-2480
Fax: 281-283-2502
Email: UHCL_FAO@uhcl.edu 

Lisa Gabriel
Distance and Off-Campus
Phone: 281-283-3031
Fax: 281-212-1612
Email: disted@uhcl.edu 

Patricia Cuchens
Executive Director
Office of Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Assessment
Bayou Building, Suite 2325
Box 80
Phone: 281-283-3065
Fax: 281-283-3030
Email: cuchens@uhcl.edu 

Mike Livingston
Interim Executive Director
University Computing and Telecommunications
Bayou Building, Suite 3221
Box 230
Phone: 281-283-2900
Fax: 281-283-2968
Email: supportcenter@uhcl.edu 

For matters related to Admissions, Academic Records and Off-Campus and Online Education, if satisfactory resolution is not reached in a timely manner by working with the appropriate Academic Affairs school or service provider listed, complaints should be directed to:

Kathryn I. Matthew, Ph.D. 
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs 
Bayou Building, Suite 2525
Box 74
Phone: 281-283-3000
Fax: 281-283-3009
Email: matthew@uhcl.edu 

Charlotte Tullos, Ph.D.
Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Bayou Building, Suite 2525
Box 74
Phone: 281-283-3022
Fax: 281-283-3009
Email: tullos@uhcl.edu 

For matters related to Institutional Effectiveness, Neumann Library, Sponsored Programs and University Computing & Telecommunications, if satisfactory resolution is not reached in a timely manner by working with the appropriate Academic Affairs school or service provider listed, complaints should be directed to:

Stephen J. Berberich, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Bayou Building, Suite 2525
Box 74
Phone: 281-283-3000
Fax: 281-283-3009
Email: berberich@uhcl.edu 

  Complaints Regarding Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance provides a variety of services on behalf of the university for internal and external customers. Faculty and staff are considered internal customers, while students, alumni, and community members are the primary external customers.

Administration and Finance is responsible for facilities, the campus store and food services; business and accounting services; human resources; safety and security. Complaints pertaining to services provided by these departments should first be directed to the appropriate office.

Campus Store and Food Service
Debra Carpenter
Executive Director of Procurement and Payables
NII 1300
Box 137
Phone: 281-283-2150
Fax: 281-283-2156
Email: purchasing@uhcl.edu 

Finance - Cashier and Student Accounting Issues
Usha Mathews 
Associate Vice President for Finance
NII 1500
Box 103
Phone: 281-283-2140
Fax: 281-283-2137
Email: AVP_Finance@uhcl.edu

Human Resources
Brad McGonagle, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Human Resources
Bayou Building, Suite 2537
Box 167
Phone: 281-283-2160
Fax: 281-283-2158

Police Department
Allen Hill
Chief of Police
Bayou Building, Suite 1636
Box 323
Phone: 281-283-2222
Fax: 281-488-8585
Email: policechief@uhcl.edu