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Sex Offender Registration

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act is a federal law enacted on Oct. 28, 2000 that provides tracking of convicted, registered sex offenders enrolled as students at institutions of higher education or working and/or volunteering on campus. The law requires institutions of higher education to issue a statement advising the campus community where law enforcement agency information provided by a State concerning registered sex offenders may be obtained. It also requires sex offenders already required to register in a State to provide notice as required under State law, of each institution of higher education in that State at which the person is employed, carries on a vocation, volunteer’s services or is a student.

All sexual offenders are required to register with UHCL PD. Please call 281-283-2222 regarding registration or stop by the police department located at 700 Bayou Road.    

Any member(s) of the University of Houston-Clear Lake community who wants to know the identities of sex offenders currently registered with the UHCL Police Department, may access the DPS Sex Offender Database.