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Lost and Found

This site is updated weekly, but because some items may not get turned in right away, we invite you to check back regularly after the loss. If you identify an item you believe is yours, call 281-283-2222. Advise the tag number so that the item can be looked up. You will be asked for a detailed description for verification. You may also call 281-283-2222 at any time to report your loss; we actively try to return found items to its owner. 

As a courtesy, the Police Department maintains a limited Lost and Found collection for items left behind on campus.  If you find an item, please turn it in to the Police Department Building for processing and storage. If you have lost an item, contact the Police Department at 281-283-2222 to see if your lost item was returned. 

Please do not delay.  Due to storage limitations we only hold Lost and Found items for sixty (60) days before disposing of property. Also note, due to storage limitations, we cannot accept certain items.

Item Description Location Tag Number Date / Time
Dell Laptop (Gray)(Broken) Pearland 3637 04/02/2024 / 1240
Black Laptop Charger (Samsung) Delta Building 3638 04/03/2024 / 1339
Black Laptop Charger (Dell) Delta Building 3639 04/03/2024 / 1339
Mitsubishi Key FOB Delta Building 3642 04/10/2024 / 1004
Keyring  with Figures SSCB 3644 04/11/2024 / 1739
Two Keys (copper & Silver) Lot D2 3646 04/15/2024 / 1158
UHCL Lanyard with one key and Red Action Figure PD Redbox 3659 05/02/2024 / 1159
UHCL Tassel PD Redbox 3660 05/02/2024 / 1142
Key Lot D 3661 05/06/2024 / 1120
Jabra Earphone Case (Black) REC Center 3662 04/22/2024
House Key REC Center 3668 04/01/2024
Power Bank (White) REC Center 3670 04/26/2024
Airpods (Gray) REC Center 3672 04/23/2024
Texas Driver's License Bayou Building 3674 06/04/2024 / 1616
Currency ($100 Bill) Bayou Building 3675 06/05/2024 / 1927
Moody Bank Debit Card Lot D 3676 06/06/2024 / 2116

 *Updated 06/10/2024

Items Accepted
  • Books, notebooks, paperwork and planners with identifiable owner information only. If no owner information is found, the item is not to be accepted.
  • Sunglasses and prescription eyewear
  • Cell phones
  • Keys
  • Jewelry
  • Wallets and purses
  • Currency
  • Driver’s license, state identification cards, and passports.
  • Backpacks (after all perishable and soiled items have been removed)
  • Electronic equipment
  • Flash drives
  • Any kind of item that can be identified to a specific individual
  • Any other item with an estimated worth of over $20 as long as it does not fit into one of the non-accepted categories listed below
Items Not Accepted
  • Clothing, including coats, jackets and shoes
  • Cosmetic items
  • Pens, pencils and umbrellas
  • Food, drinks and containers
  • Medication, including prescription medication
  • Any item considered perishable
  • Any item that presents a sanitation risk (soiled)
  • Bicycles
  • Any item deemed too large to store

Community Notice:

  • Unclaimed items will be disposed of after sixty days
  • UHCL and UHCL Police Department is not liable for damage or loss of any items stored in lost and found
  • The UHCL Police Department reserves the right to deny acceptance of any lost and found item it deems unsanitary, too large for storage, or of little monetary value