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Welcome to Hawk Patrol

Call us for Service at 281-283-2222

Hawk Patrol is the UHCL Police Department's cooperative endeavor with the UHCL Student Body to help make the UHCL campus a safe place for work, study and fun!

Who Are We? The Hawk Patrol consists of student employees under the direction of the UHCL Police Department who provide valuable services to the university community.

What Do We Do? The Hawk Patrol (or as we call ourselves - Hawks) serves the university community by patrolling the parking lots in marked Hawk Patrol vehicles. Hawks provide safety transportation escorts, motorist assist services (door unlock, jump starts, airing tires), and remain very visible during the evening hours. You may also see Hawks in the buildings helping with Lost and Found, unlocking classroom doors, or delivering keys.

When Does the Hawk Patrol Operate: Depending on the availability of our student workers, our Hawks may be on duty during the daylight hours; however, Hawks are traditionally on duty Monday - Thursday from 6:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

How Do I Contact the Police Department for Hawk Patrol Services:Call the Police Department at 281-283-2222 or come to the Police Department Headquarters and pick up the direct line courtesy phone to our dispatcher.

What If I Need Motorist Assistance When the Hawk Patrol Is Not on Duty: UHCL Police Officers will be happy to assist you. Call the Police Department at 281-283-2222 for assistance.

What Is the Future Vision for the Hawk Patrol: Our future vision for Hawk Patrol is to create a training ground for future full time UHCL Police employees. We hope that some day, we can use Hawk patrol as our recruiting pool for police officers and dispatchers.

Why do we need a Hawk Patrol: The Hawk Patrol program is intended to further strengthen the relationship with the student body and the Police Department while providing valuable services to the community. Besides the Police Department giving back and creating more student jobs on campus, the program also allows the UHCL Police Officers to focus on their law enforcement and emergency response preparation missions. As Hawks assist with service calls, the Police Officers can spend more time developing their law enforcement skill set through preventative patrols, crime prevention measures, training and drills. We see it as a win-win for the students and the community.