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Graduate Internship Program

The Graduate Internship Program at the University of Houston-Clear Lake works closely with students to help integrate academic experiences with work in the larger community. This is a culminating graduate experience. The main focus is to connect the body of academic knowledge from the area of study with field practices, and in the process, build skills for analysis and interpretation.

Internship possibilities are almost limitless. Students may choose to conduct research, teach, or do an internship in an organization under the supervision of a resource person in the chosen organization.

Remember, the first step in any internship is visiting with your program-level internship coordinator to determine whether an internship is right for you, what kind of internship you might complete, and when your internship might take place.

For additional information about HSH Internships, contact the program faculty listed below.



Internship application deadlines and requirements - contact the person below:

Program Faculty Contact
Applied Cognitive Psychology

Nick Kelling
Email: kelling@uhcl.edu 

Behavior Analysis

Dorothea Lerman
Email: lerman@uhcl.edu 

Behavioral Science

Christine Walther
Email: walther@uhcl.edu 

Clinical Psychology

Ashley MacPherson
Email: macpherson@uhcl.edu

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Henda Hsu
Email: hsuh@uhcl.edu 

Cross Cultural Studies

Maria Curtis
Email: curtis@uhcl.edu

Digital Media Studies

Leo Chan
Email: chanta@uhcl.edu 

Exercise & Health Sciences

William Amonette
Email: amonette@uhcl.edu

General Psychology

Desi Rios
Email: rios@uhcl.edu 


Beth Merfish
Email: merfish@uhcl.edu 


Michael Clody
Email: clodymc@uhcl.edu

Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Alex Milam
Email: milama@uhcl.edu

School Psychology

Gerald (Gill) Strait
Email: strait@uhcl.edu

Social Work

Heather Kanenberg
Email: kanenbergh@uhcl.edu


Mike McMullen
Email: mcmullen@uhcl.edu


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