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UHCL Payroll

Payroll at the University of Houston-Clear Lake is dedicated to providing reliable, comprehensive payroll-related services to faculty, staff and students. We are committed to accurate and timely payroll processing adhering to federal, state and university regulations. We can assist you with any pay related questions and we look forward to providing our assistance in meeting your payroll needs.

New IRS Form W-4 for 2020

Due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a revised federal Form W-4 for tax year 2020. Please note that this form is significantly different than the current form. The IRS has provided the following guidance:

  • Employees hired before 2020 are not required to submit new forms; withholding will continue based upon your previously-submitted valid W-4.
  • Employees hired before 2020 who wish to adjust their withholding after January 1, 2020, must use the new form.
  • Employees hired on or after January 1, 2020, will be required to use the new forms.
  • Employees hired on or after January 1, 2020, who do not submit a valid W-4 form will be treated as a single filer with no adjustments.

Please note that University of Houston-Clear Lake Payroll Services cannot provide individual guidance on completion of the new W-4 or any related tax implications. We recommend that you contact your tax consultant with any questions you may have.

Additional IRS Information and Resources for 2020 W-4

Before completing the 2020 Form W-4, please read the instructions that are included with the form. You must complete Steps 1 and 5. Steps 2, 3, and 4 are optional, but completing them will help ensure that your federal income tax withholding will more accurately match your tax liability. Step 1 is for your personal information; Step 2 is for households with multiple jobs; Step 3 is used to claim tax credits for dependents; Step 4 is for other adjustments (additional income such as interest and dividends, itemized deductions that exceed the standard deduction, and extra tax you want withheld); and Step 5 is where you sign the form.

The IRS takes your privacy seriously and suggests that, if you are worried about reporting income from multiple jobs in Step 2 or other income in Step 4(a), you check the box in Step 2(c) or enter an additional withholding amount in Step 4(c). To determine the additional withholding amount, you can use the withholding estimator.

Time Reporting & Absence Management (TRAM)

TRAM is an automated and updated application for capturing and processing time and leave. This electronic solution ensures greater efficiency for employees and supervisors in recording, approving and submitting time records. Information for employees and managers regarding travel and frequently asked questions are available below. 

Pay Schedule

At the University of Houston-Clear Lake bi-weekly or non-exempt employees are paid every other Friday and monthly or exempt employees are paid on the 1st of every month. Payroll schedules for this fiscal year are provided below.

Employment Verification

For fast and secure proof of employment University of Houston-Clear Lake utilizes the Work Number. This is an automated service that provides you with the ability to quickly provide proof of your employment or income. It is widely known by mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes and other who may need proof of your employment income, and it is easy to use.

Employees: Please email Payroll at Payroll@uhcl.edu. In your email please include the following:

  1. Name and Employee ID Number.
  2. Reason for verification.
  3. Indicate if the salary should be included.

Please note, the turnaround time for employment verification letters is five (5) business days.

State Agencies: Please email Payroll at Payroll@uhcl.edu.

Mortgage Lenders, Banks, Apartments: Access The Work Number online or by phone:

Phone: 1-800-367-5690

University of Houston-Clear Lake company code: 17781.

Direct Deposit

Participation in the Direct Deposit program is mandatory and there are additional resources below.

Tips for Employees

  • Keep the current account open until the new direct deposit account has been established.
  • Changes to deposit accounts should be entered at least 2 weeks before the next scheduled pay day. This will help to ensure pay checks are sent to the new primary account.
  • If you need assistance resetting your PASS password, please email HumanResources@uhcl.edu with your name and employee ID number.

How to Set up Direct Deposit

How to Edit Direct Deposit

Longevity Pay

The University will pay full-time, non-academic employees a career incentive of $20 per month for every two years of service as an employee of the State, up to and including 42 years of service. Such career incentive pay will commence at the end of the second year and will be increased at the end of each two years thereafter. This benefit is paid only to benefits eligible, non-academic employees who are employed 100% FTE.

Longevity Pay Chart

Payroll Contact Information

Please direct questions regarding Payroll to Payroll@uhcl.edu.

Carmen Canales                                          
Manager, Payroll                                                 
Email: canalesC@uhcl.edu                              
Phone: 281-283-2157                                         


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    Phone: 281-283-2160
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