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UHCL - Low Carb Houston 2018

Nadir Ali, MD

Homeostatic Regulation of LDL: Evolutionary conversation of lipoproteins and their role in human health.

Peter Ballerstedt, PhD

Ruminant reality: Diet, human health and the environment.

Amy Berger

Alzheimer's disease as type 3 diabetes: A metabolic disease with a nutritional strategy to fight it.

Ivor Cummins

An engineering view of insulin resistance and inflammation.

Maryanne Demasi, PhD

Statin Wars - Have we been misled by evidence?

David Diamond, PhD

A rigorous assessment of the myth that cholesterol causes heart disease.

Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

A bird's eye view of the low-carb diet for metabolic disease, obesity, cancer, inflammatory disorders and dementia.

Jake Kushner, MD

Medical nutritional therapy for people with type 1 diabetes: Fact vs. fiction.

Amber O'Hearn

Carnivory, ketosis, and the development of the human brain.

Gary Taubes

The global obesity epidemic: Is dietary and animal fat the culprit? Evidence based on 20 years of investigative journalism.

Eric Westman, MD

Two decades of experience with low carb diets.