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Empowering participants through leading-edge testing, research, and engineering, to overcome the barriers that limit human performance, becoming champions on the field and champions of their own health.  

The Health and Human Performance Institute is an investment in the Bay Area Houston Region. This state-of-the-art interdisciplinary institute is a coalescence of four distinctive research centers, staffed with faculty, students, and health practitioners who serve the diverse community and use science and engineering to steer testing, nutrition and exercise practice world-wide.

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Translational Science for the Health of the Human Athlete. Learn more about the scope of HHPI's four transformative research centers. 

Center for Exercise and Nutritional Health

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The Center for Exercise and Nutritional Health is committed to advancing research and providing exercise and dietary programs to help individuals who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases or who are aging.

Center for High Performance

The Center for High Performance  works to enhance, define, and creatively overcome factors that limit the human potential. Research, training, and testing services are provided for competitive athletes, firefighters, police officers, and emergency management personnel to ensure their physical readiness for the demands of their occupation.

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Center for Performance Innovation

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The Center for Performance Innovation engineers solutions and tests commercially available technology that enhances or improves the exercise experience or bridges the gap between physical disability and peak performance.

Center for Neurologic Injury and Recovery

The Center for Neurologic Injury and Recovery provides continuing exercise rehabilitation and research for individuals who suffered severe traumatic brain injuries, stroke, spinal cord injuries, neurodegenerative diseases, and acute and long-term concussion recovery.  

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