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Centers and Programs

HHPI is committed to serving the Bay Area Houston community with programs designed to improve health, performance and to overcome the barriers resulting in disability with chronic disease. In addition, HHPI  systematically advances science while providing students with experiential learning opportunities, equipping them with 21st century marketable skills, preparing them to lead the future of exercise, nutrition  and rehabilitation science.  


Muscle Matters Program

As people age, there is an inevitable loss of skeletal muscle, resulting in the reduction of strength and power. Most adults reach their peak muscle mass around the age of 40, but without proper nutrition and exercise, people can lose up to 3-5 percent of their muscle mass after the age of 40. That's why countermeasures taken earlier in life can prevent disability later. Muscle Matters is a monitored resistance, metabolic conditioning exercise and nutritional program designed to decrease or reverse the muscle strength losses that arise in the course of aging.

HHPI Muscle Matters Program


Community members, faculty member or staff member 40 years and older. You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at

Metabolic Health Program

Today, about two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, and it's estimated that up to 50 percent of adults are insulin resistant. This program is a combined resistance, metabolic conditioning and nutritional program designed to improve insulin sensitivity, and decrease fat weight when needed.

HHPI Metabolic Health Program


Community member, faculty or staff member with any of the following: diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or abnormal triglyceride levels. You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at

Resiliency Program

Cancer and other diseases that result in muscle wasting (loss) can reduce endurance, function, and quality of life. The Resiliency Program is a monitored exercise program for individuals undergoing treatment or in remission from cancer and other muscle wasting diseases designed to recondition or maintain cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, mass, and functional capabilities.

HHPI Resiliency Program


Community member, faculty or staff who is undergoing treatment for cancer, in remission, or who has other cachectic diseases that result in muscle loss and function. You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at

Performing Live Program

Access to a gym can be a barrier for exercise. Some may not feel comfortable in a gym space because of the global pandemic or may prefer the convenience of exercising at home. The Performing Live Program provides an array of fitness opportunities including in home strength training, metabolic fitness, and yoga classes scaled so that anyone at any age or disability status can benefit. These fun, positive, high energy classes are available live or you can watch and participate later with on demand options.

HHPI Performing Live Program


Community member, faculty, student or staff member who would like to improve their health and fitness. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at

High Performance Testing

Peak performance requires an athlete to possess elite levels strength, power, speed, agility, balance, and metabolic conditioning. Each sport is unique and the relative contribution depends on the demands of the position and game. Inadequacies in the physical requirements necessary for the sport could stunt performance or lead to injury.  HHPI provides comprehensive sport-specific testing batteries for soccer, football, baseball, softball, swimming, wrestling, among other sports that are age appropriate and state-of-the-art.     

HHPI High Performance Testing


Sport athlete who is willing to allow their blinded data to be used for research.  Parental permission is required for athletes under the age of 18.

Fit for Duty Program (Coming Soon)

Police officers, fire fighters, emergency personnel and other first responders play an essential role in society. Due to the rigorous and unpredictable nature of their job duties, they must maintain a constant state of physical readiness. Moreover, the stress of their jobs can negatively impact health, leading to early onset of chronic diseases. The Fit for Duty Program involves task specific testing, strength training and metabolic conditioning as well as health screening opportunities.

HHPI Fit for Duty Program


Police officer, firefighters, emergency personnel, reserve or active duty military service member. Comprehensive testing services are also available for entire departments. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at

Concussion & mTBI Rehabilitation

Concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be devastating, leading to long-term and unpredictable symptoms. Recovery involves management of clinical symptoms at rest and gradual reintroduction of physical exertion. This program provides monitored rehabilitation, testing and development of novel tools and protocols to better define optimal recovery and safe return to sport or activity after a TBI.   

HHPI Concussion and mTBI Rehabilitation


Community member, faculty, student or staff recently diagnosed with a concussion or mTBI or sport team, police or fire department interested in baseline definition and post injury assessments. You may need clearance from your physician before starting the program. For more information, call 281-283-3381 or email us at


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If you have questions about programming or your eligibility, please contact us at or call 281-283-3381.


Program Requirements

  • Monitored exercise according to your customized program (2 - 5 days per week) 
  • Document nutritional intake as requested
  • Participate in routine testing to adjust your specific program
  • Willingness to let HHPI use your blinded data for research


Registration is $50/month and includes testing and individualized programming.


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Register In-person at Members Services in the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.

Exercising in HHPI

  • Bring: Water bottle with closed top
  • Wear: Closed-toed athletic shoes and comfortable exercise clothes
  • Day Locker: Available if needed

Exercising at HHPI


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