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Get Involved in HHPI

At its core, the Health and Human Performance Institute strives to be a hub of innovation for the Bay Area Houston as it relates to the human athletes. 

That's why we always seek partnerships with physicians, scientists, allied health professionals, and health care organizations who would like to collaborate with the institute, conducting scientific projects and technology development. Moreover, the goal of the institution is to provide experiential learning opportunities for the next generation of exercise physiologists, physical therapists, physicians, and others who are on the frontline of the chronic disease epidemic. The institute provides internship opportunities for UHCL and non-UHCL students as well as observation opportunities for grade-school students. We are also interested in partnering with students in engineering, computer programming, marketing, communications, digital media studies, and other disciplines that would enhance the scope global impact of the institute.  Finally, we are interested in developing strategic partnerships with industry, healthcare organizations, performance and apparel manufacturers, and technology developers who have similar missions and common goals.  

Interested in getting involved? Contact us!