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The Health and Human Performance Institute is home to three leading-edge laboratories and general exercise spaces that are designed and equipped to provide students with advanced academic training and practical experience in the exercise health sciences.

Health and Human Performance Institute at UHCL

HHPI Research Laboratories

Motor Control Laboratory
  • A 30 x 5' trench with 12 flush mounted three-dimensional force plates for quantification of ground reaction forces that synchronize with a 15-camera Vicon motion capture system with a high-definition, high-speed video camera.
  • An eight-channel wireless electromyography system with embedded accelerometers that also synchronizes with the force and camera system, allowing for simultaneous collection of skeletal muscle activation, joint kinematics and kinetics.
  • A Biodex harness system that spans the length of the lab and can collect the needed data in a variety of populations, including those with mobility impairments.
  • An air adapted treadmill (Alter G) that allows users to walk or run with reduced body weight.
  • A Bertec computerized dynamic posturography device that measures static and dynamic balance, independently assessing the user's capabilities to incorporate visual information, utilize their vestibular information, and proprioceptive input to plan and organize motor control strategies for balance.

HHPI Motor Control Lab

Exercise Physiology Laboratory
  • State-of-the-art equipment designed to quantify the metabolic demands of exercise, screen and test metabolic fitness levels, screen for cardiac rhythm abnormalities, and quantify body composition.
  • A Tuff Tread high-speed, high-incline treadmill with overhead harness system.
  • Ergometers for upper body, stand-up paddleboard, rowing, swimming and canoe. Cycle-mounted trainers allow for work measurements using a variety of exercise modes.
  • The Parvo Medics metabolic cart, which is used to measure peak and submaximal exercise metabolism or to determine resting metabolic rates. The pneumotach on the metabolic cart is also capable of spirometry measurements.
  • A separate room within the lab that is used for body composition analysis using air displacement plethysmography.
  • The Hologic Dual X-Ray Absorptometry device (DXA) device uses low-dose radiation to image and measure regional and whole body bone mineral density, subcutaneous and visceral fat.

HHPI Exercise Physiology Lab

Biomechanics Laboratory 
  • Four surface-mounted weightlifting platforms, squat stands, barbells and Olympic weights.
  • A Keiser pneumatic knee extension/flexion device for quantification of muscle power.
  • A large, custom force plate that is positioned underneath a squat-rack and is used for isometric and dynamic force measurements with a magnetic brake positioned on top of the rack to catch the barbell.
  • A custom leg press fitted with a forceplate and brake for lower body power testing.
  • An isokinetic dynamometer is used to quantify velocity specific strength
  • Two flywheel devices with force measurement capabilities that allow for eccentric and concentric strength development and quantification.

HHPI Weight Lab Break Machine

General Exercise Space
  • A full array of free weight, selectorized and plate-loaded strength training devices
  • State-of-the-art metabolic conditioning devices such as belt and slatted treadmills, curved treadmills, cycles, rowers and elliptical devices.
  • Two group exercise rooms to be used as needed for special group exercise studies conducted by the ENHI.

Recreation and Wellness Center